4 Steps To A Successful Job Search

You might have a job today, OKish job not ideal or perfect. Everything might be wonderful so far, but you should not underestimate a risk of being fired or laid off at the end of your workday, or at 6pm when you just finished a lovely dinner with your family or even worse – right before the Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving, via 2-minute phone call.

Are you ready for this? …it’s happening right now:

Step 1: Don’t panic, remember life is awesome! You will survive this storm successfully, remember how many stronger storms¬†you had in the past? Smile ūüėČ

Step 2: Start your search today, not tomorrow.

Please, ask yourself next questions:

  • Can I immediately apply for a new job(s)? Am I 100% ready and prepared?
  • Can I survive next 2 weeks – 3 months on my savings money(do I have enough money for food + diapers for kids + mortgage payment + car payment -(minus) shopping -(minus) restaurants) until¬†I find a new job, where I will be well paid¬†and well respected as a professional?

If you are not 100% sure, please read this article and start preparation process today, don’t wait, tomorrow can be too late believe me! There are many stories I’ve heard from my buddies with same headlines:

I had an amazing boss in one of the companies I’ve worked in the past, a person with an amazing¬† heart, sense¬†of humour and professionalism. One day my boss did not show up at work, and team discovered¬†few hours later, our great manager was laid off last night(company politics). In next few months all team members either left the company because new boss was mean and absolutely unprofessional or were laid off.

Step 3: Research and Preparation(Important factors you should consider).

  • You have to choose a company/companies wisely where you want to succeed, otherwise, you might waste time and years on jobs you do not like.
  • You have to do an in-depth research on how to get a job in the company you like. This will include the appropriate resume and cover letter writing style, portfolio, interview dress code, and days of preparation. Find a partner or friend who will help you out, a person who has experience with this, a person you can trust(this is a secret ingredient).

If you don’t know how to write a professional¬†resume not a big deal, believe me tons of people out there does not know how to write it, you are not alone. My advice here, buy a book or few at Amazon, carefully craft it(no rush here, spend few days on it) and make sure to ask few friends to review it, check grammar errors.

Even better, if you have a friend Subject Matter Expert(SME) in this area – buy him/her a lunch, it is worth $50-$100 or more believe me… ask your friend to spend some time with you, helping you out with correct words and correct tone for your resume. You have to be confident that you did all possible and impossible and your resume is nothing but a piece of art.

? I’m updating my resume at least once a month. I’m getting older and more professional, plus trends and standards are constantly changing. Use new keywords and phrases associated with your domain. Make sure your resume always polished and well written!

Don’t underestimate¬†preparation. Google all potential questions you might be asked, find out the best possible answers, study, study and study….

One day I’ve read the book:¬†Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds¬†I quickly learned one thing, to have a great and successful TED talk, people prepare for months.

It takes time to create a story about who you are, why you like what you doing and why you need this job, and last – why the company should choose you but not Sam with this job offer, why you better than other 400+ candidates.

Remember your job search can take 2 weeks or up to 6 months it will depends on your skill set, resume, and how well you can sell yourself.

Step 4: It’s too early to be happy.

Congratulations, you just passed 5 interviews and signed the best job offer with 120K annual salary.

You should not relax at all, keep working on polishing skills, your speech, try to do as much research as possible about team, leadership, products. Stay in shape!

Before your first day on a new job:

  1. I would highly recommend resting well.
  2. Take few protein bars with you on your first day. What if: you will have 9 hours of non-stop meetings because you replacing somebody and person exiting the company today,¬† it’s your first day and you probably will need to learn a lot.
  3. Quickly, understand¬†company culture, build solid connection/friendship¬†with few people(…if possible, in some companies people are super egocentric) – believe me you have to dig deeper, what if:

A – You had an awesome interview, but your boss is a crazy micromanager(who will call you after 9PM), will you be happy in this environment? Probably not.

B РYou had an OK interview, but as soon as you join, something is not right Рmy advice here Рtrust your instincts and keep exploring. The whole department might be laid off  next month.

C – You had an awful interview, but somehow you managed to join… well, what if I’ll tell you that – you might be a potential replacement for Sam who worked on your place for 3 months only, before him, Karen was fired after 2 months in this position… The company looking for a right fit, and that’s their¬†way of choosing the right candidate.

I used to work for a company when colleagues were telling me how fantastic interview process was, and two first months at new job were like a fairy tale, but then it was a pure nightmare work environment.

Please, be very careful, and if you don’t¬†like: culture, tasks, manager, even if you joined 2 weeks back, my advice, move on. Your perfect job might be waiting for you around the corner.

Life is too short to spend it on wrong jobs!

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