How To Develop Positive Good Habits

Good Habits: Introduction

Possessing incredible habits in life can lead you to the next higher level in life. For this reason, we as human beings should be at forefront trying to emulate good habits at all cost. The development process of gaining good habits is not easy, as it requires endurance and determination.

Not everyone manages to keep up with the development process until the end. Having this in mind and knowing the importance of having positive habits, this article is here for you. Through the article, you will be in apposition to understand:

  1. What are good habits?
  2. How you can successfully develop good habits
  3. How to permanently get rid of bad habits
  4. How positive habits are an added advantage to your life

What Are Habits?

Habits are the actions or behaviors we perform every day on a regular basis and which become a routine in our lives. All the activities that are recurrent in our lives are as a result of habits, and they contribute to shaping our everyday lifestyle.

Just think how your current life is, is it taking a good trend which you are proud about or how can you describe your general lifestyle? You owe your current lifestyle to your good or bad habits. Changing your habits is more of a personal decision which will require you to take a step and work towards your goal.

Once you build on positive habits, you need to know unique tactics you can use to make sure that the habits stick permanently in your life. Always keep in mind that practicing every day in performing good habits will eventually lead you to frequently embracing the positive habits in your life.

What Are The Benefits Of Possessing Good Habits?

Having good habits is a core value that we should always strive to acquire as it gets associated with many benefits. So far, not of the researches have managed to showcase the disadvantages of possessing good habits. This is to mean that you will maximum benefit from having good habits which will, in turn, lead to smooth sailing lifestyle. Some of the benefits include:

Habits Form Your Personality

Your everyday actions will indirectly communicate with people about your character. For instance, if you get used to help the needy in your society in doing small things every day, people will assume that that is who you are and they will give you much respect.

On the other hand, if you keep abusing people every time you meet with them, it will automatically make people disrespectfully treat you. This goes to say that having good habits will definitely earn you respect and more love from people. Possessing good habits will make you attain your goals in the future.

A journey of a thousand miles will start by you taking the first step. The same case applies to the attainment of goals. Having outlined your goals, you will know the right path you require to choose for you to attain the goals.

Developing a good habit towards your goal will motivate you to achieve the goals as well as make you attain the target in the shortest time.

Habits Shape Your Life

A recent study done by a team of psychological experts revealed that habits are core to shaping an individual’s life. Your current lifestyle is as a result of your good or bad habits.

Good habits will make you live a healthful lifestyle which many people will admire. For this reason, make it normalcy to repeatedly do great positive actions because they will directly influence your life status.

Positive Habits Lead To Saving Time

For you to become a good time manager, you must be organized in your life as well as emulate good habits every day. Good time managers always know what they ought to do at the right time and in the right place. For you to grab more life opportunities and not waste any second, develop good habits at all times.

Good Habits Replace Motivation

Having good habits means that we will repeatedly find ourselves doing what we love. At times, you may feel that you do not feel like performing some tasks which are sometimes your duties.

This is normal but, when you make it a habit always to perform those tasks, you will require no external motivation when you are low in your moods. So, to make sure that you are still on toes and requiring no external motivation, develop positive habits on your everyday tasks.

Having Good Habits Leads To Conservation Of Energy

Imagine the energy you can use just moving in circles not knowing the right things to do. It can cause a lot of stress in life. Knowing the right thing to do will save a lot of energy. Good habits will directly translate to energy and time conservation. You will always perform your task promptly and also in the right way.

All of the above benefits of emulating positive habits means that you will generally gain more when you have good habits.

Steps In Developing Good Habits

As discussed earlier, the process of developing good habits is not is as it requires determination and consistency. For this reason, knowing the essential steps to follow when developing good habits will ease the long journey.

In this section, we will look at all the levels you need to master for you to have a smooth sailing life driven by good habits. All the steps are easy to follow and in the long run acquire great habits.

Step One: Identification Of Our Habits

Identifying our daily habits will help us in determining if what we do every day is right or wrong. For instance, if you realize that your financial status is frequently taking a downward trend, you should pay keen attention to your spending patterns.

Observing how you spend your money will help you to see whether your expenses are way above your income or your spending habits are not right.

In this step, try to keenly identify your habits and categorize them as either bad habits or good habits. Habit identification will also help you to know your areas of strength and weakness which will in the long learn to help you with ethical decision making.

Step Two: Make A Personal Decision And Dedicate Yourself To Change

Doing the right thing will always start with you as a person. The wise say that the road to personal growth and the development of good habits begins with oneself.

Many are the times we find ourselves in tough situations of life, and we decide that it is time to implement change, but after the problematic case gets solved, we lose focus on the implementation of reform.

For this reason, stay focused at all times and make the right decisions to embrace good habits. Postponing to take action in changing bad habits to good habits will only worsen your situation.

Similarly, deciding to implement changes and cutting them short after some time will lead to sprouting of the old bad behaviors. No matter how hard it gets in your quest to embracing change, do not give up, and continue pushing until you achieve your goals.

Step Three: Identify Your Obstacles Or Shortcomings

All of us have the shortcomings that hinder us from achieving our goals. To successfully attain good habits, we need to identify our poo or bad habits. We must, first of all, know how we can transform the bad habits into good habits before we embrace good habits from outside.

The transformation process may take a long time, but we should put more dedication to see good results. For instance, if you find yourself stuck in abnormal or bad situations, always seek to use healthy alternatives to solve the problematic case.

If you have alcoholic addictions, try changing your bad alcoholic behaviors to taking healthy drinks. The bottom line is, try always to seek positive solutions in problematic situations.

Step Four: Develop A Viable Action Plan

For you to successfully change your bad habits into good habits, you must have a clearly defined plan. Having a plan will help you in knowing the right strategies to apply and at what stage. For example, we learn of a great motivational speaker by the name of Benjamin Franklin who developed a great plan which he put in place in the quest to overcoming his bad habits and making them be good habits.

His master plan involved formulating 913 virtues which he felt were important in his life and he immediately started working on each attribute. He allocated each virtue one week summing up to thirteen weeks whereby the end of it all he was ultimately a new person. In each week, he used to record his successes a way of measuring his progress.

The story of Benjamin serves as a motivation tool, and it also communicates to us that we should develop our plan and follow it to the end. The best way to measure our progress is through recording our success and failure in every stage of embracing change.

Step Five: Adopt The Visualization Mind

Employing visualization strategies will help you to see or imagine yourself doing the correct thing and behaving in the right ways. Visualization serves as a motivational tool where you will always get to desire to become a better person.

Having a positive visualization of yourself will help you to adopt the good habits within the shortest time. Always remember to have a positive attitude about yourself every time for you to succeed in developing good habits.

Step Six: Involve Your Family Or Friends

Letting your family or friends know what you are up to will help in gaining their support. As much as you have to initiate the changing process all by yourself, you might need advice at one point in solving a problem.

Good friends will encourage you to continue with good habits, and they will also correct you when you do wrong. By doing this, you will manage to adopt healthy and unshaken good habits. You will also feel that they are people who support your change hence desire to acquire good habits faster.

Step Seven: Reward Yourself After You Successfully Acquire Good Habits

Rewards are encouraging, but not everyone who surrounds us will give us any reward after an achievement. For this reason, after you successfully achieve good habits, reward yourself.

You can probably decide to take yourself out for a special treat or choose to do what you are doing best. Keep in mind that having good habits has many benefits which will make your life exciting and worth living.

All the above steps are easy to follow until you achieve good healthy habits to take you to the next level in life.

How To Stick To Good Habits

After you successfully attain your good habits, maintaining them can be a challenge. In this section, you will learn how to keep the good habits permanently suing simple strategies.

Do Not Hesitate To Start

Purpose to start immediately for you to attain good habits as fast as you can.

Be Consistent

Stay focused at all times to ensure that the journey to acquiring good habits becomes easy.

Surround Yourself With Positive Minded People

Make sure that your supporter’s positive minded and they possess good qualities you can emulate so that you get motivated.

In general, avoid negativity at all cost.


Every individual’s desires to become a better person every day and possess good habits. However, the road to adopting good habits is not easy as there are many obstacles in the way. It gets often said that good things do not come quickly.

The saying equally applies to the journey of developing good habits. Reading through the steps of adopting good habits, you will realize that they are easy to read and understand, but they are more of a personal calling.

Make it a habit to associate with positive minded people as well as being consistent until you achieve your results. Based on the many benefits associated with possessing good habits, I highly recommend you who are reading this information to aim at attaining good habits as they will shape your lifestyle.

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