Expert Interview: Cracking The Tom Hardy Code

How The Venom Marvel Actor Became Famous

Even with the constant villain characters, you can’t deny the fact that Tom Hardy brought his all in the Venom movie (I still can’t figure out if Venom is a villain or a hero character).

You don’t have to watch the movie to actually know that Tom Hardy is one of the most famous actors of all time. That’s because his reputation speaks for itself. But it’s was not all easy for the famous actor.

Believe it or not, Tom Hardy started from simple beginnings and has had a lot of rough patches in his life. I personally find him as an inspiration to always work hard even if you started from the bottom.

Most importantly, there’s no mistake that’s too big to bounce back from. It doesn’t matter how low you are, only you know how to fix your life. Let me share some of the inspirational moments that touched me. Here are some facts about his life history that will give you the strength to keep pushing on.

Tom Hardy Was Expelled In School

There’s a weird idea that kids who get expelled, are always failures in life. Personally, I think what matters is what you did. This is where things get a bit interesting. Tom Hardy was actually expelled because of stealing.

You are probably wondering how such a kid could actually end up being a great actor today. As a child born in a family of parents who were giving their child all the attention, Tom was expected to overperform.

Everyone expected Tom to perform exceptionally well considering the fact that he came from a talented family. But he didn’t do so well in school. What’s more, that was just the first school. He was later expelled in two other schools before he decided to join the Band of Brothers.

Against all odds, even beating the education system, Tom Hardy still made it to the hall of fame. If your kid right now left school, you’d probably think that he or she is actually ruining their lives.

But with the right guidance, love and knowing exactly what is happening your child’s life, then you can help your kid make it to greater heights than Tom Hardy.

He Battled With Drug Addiction

A year after getting expelled from school, Tom seemed to turn to drug addiction. By the age of thirteen, Tom was already addicted to beer and had already tried other drugs. He actually was so addicted to crack that he confessed that he could even sell his mother for a doze.

Serious law problems, later on, followed him up to a point where he was arrested for car theft. It seemed like the young Tom Hardy was swift with his fingers and could not help but steal from people. Surprisingly, he managed to escape prison simply through the connections of his father.

He quickly realized that things were not okay with him and slowly checked in to a rehab for treatment. Despite his addiction, he showed an interest in theatrical art from an early age.

He Comes From A Family Of Great Talent

Even though Tom Hardy was quite naughty as a kid, you can’t deny the fact that his parents had incredible talent. Tom Hardy was the only child to Edward Hardy who was a writer and Elizabeth Barrett, an artist.

The father was a Harvard graduate. This shows that the talent was within Tom no matter how bad his life was. As you have figured out by now, Tom was an impossible kid to deal with. The good thing is that even with his naughty behavior, his mother always ensured that Tom had enough books in his room. This somehow cultivated the Theatrical world in Tom.

As clear as day, the parents worked for their kid to become someone in this life. And that shows the immense love his parents have for their child.

He’s A Hard Worker

No matter how hard the role is, Tom is able to pull it off with hard work and dedication. He is able to make his body adapt in any role. To make the Charles Bronson Role work, he had to do about two thousand press-ups daily for three weeks.

What’s more, he was able to lose the extra weight and act in Stuart. As if that’s not impressive enough, when the movie was back up again, he had to pack the extra weight again.

Later, when he acted as Tommy Conlon, he had to learn different martial art techniques and do weight lifting. It was impressive how he was able to transform his body in the Dark Night Rises.

In 2015, Tom was able to play two roles at the same time. Reggie Kray and Ronnie Kray were twins in the same movie. If you love Tom’s acting, then you surely must have enjoyed this movie.

Tom Had To Open Up In Public About His Past

When Tom was discussing his role in Warrior, he confesses that he was only good at the role since he knew how bad it can get as an alcoholic. More to that, he also says that most people usually have to leave their acting career for a while so that they can experience life and later on connect with their characters.

This is something that took a lot out of the actor since he had to talk about his lowest points in life. Though he got treatment for the experiences, it’s still a bad experience that will hunt him for a while.

As you can see from the above facts, Tom didn’t have an easy life. Even though he comes from a well up family, he has had his fair share of trouble. But in the long run, his name has made an impact especially in 2018 as a star in the Venom Film.

It doesn’t matter how low you think you are right now. Even if you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, just pick yourself up and dust off the dirt. Keep pressing on. We have different challenges that we go through every day.

Some are easy to maneuver through. But others can actually bring you to your knees. However, you should never give up on yourself or your family!

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