Got Sick? Time To Negotiate on Your Car, Home And Business Insurance.

How To Negotiate With Your Insurance Company

Don’t think I’m super brave or smart, not really, my IQ level same as yours, in fact, you probably even speak better English than me. I’m smiling, it’s probably true!

February this year I got sick. I woke up at 3 AM because I can’t breathe, I quickly went downstairs and made tea, and… I was convinced quickly that there is no way I go to work this morning: I have no voice, I’m coughing and I did not look like a healthy human being.

Internet. Internet… In last 2 days I had NO solid internet connection, and since I’m working from home a lot, I was in panic mode – I do need it, it’s essential like an ice cream when you out of the mood.

My contract with my Internet provider Comcast was coming to an end and I have cheap promo plan: 60 Mbps = $39/mo Internet + $10/mo per Modem rental, and a normal plan would have same speed +$20/mo on top of what I pay.

I was suspicious that potentially (who knows right) my Internet provider was purposely slowing it (Internet speed) down to convince me to choose a plan with a higher speed and costly plan. It’s really easy to do in our technological era.

But, I’m was not convinced in either higher speed or costly plan, and decided to call and negotiate, I’m doing it the second year in a row, if it works for me, I’m sure it would work for you too.

Today was the day, although I was not convinced and I was skeptical in my negotiating talents: since I’ve lost my natural voice tone, and sounded like 100 years old man/bear, even I was scared of myself.

Around 10 AM I was so bored laying a bed… I have decided to call my Internet provider…

As soon as I sad “Hi this is… speaking” and mentioned the reason of my call – I was awesomely surprised – I had a deep, strong and mature voice, and I’m naturally a squeaky tenor… Wow, I thought is this really me, if so I have a SUPERPOWER? Or my neighbor next door – James, speaking on my behalf. What a superpower – I sounded mean, sharp, crisp and very convincing…

Since I was not able to speak long sentences, I was cutting short, straightforward ones. In my last sentence, I clearly mentioned: “I need a better deal or… I’m out of the game.”

.. first 25 minutes was a waste of time and I started to lose voice… I’ve learned quickly that company representatives do not have enough privileges to help you, I guess “they/big brother” think usual client would give up in 20-25 minutes, but I was not a usual client – I was a sick one, I had 6 hours more left of my work time (since I took day off), I had warm tea and I was ready to spend another hour (s) if needed.

…in 30 minutes I was transferred to a Manager/Supervisor, I was not rude or anything, I clearly explained that I have a budget of $50/mo and I’m receiving a better offers from your competitors for past 6 months (I was absolutely honest about it), but since I trust and respect your services I would like to continue my partnership with you, only if you let me continue working with my budget.

…in 15 minutes, I’ve received a deal $-1,68 less a month then I paid before. Unbelievable I thought. I won! I was excited!

Part 2: But that did not stop me… The fever of winning.

My insurance company raised my car, home, and business insurance multiple times through 5 years time period and I never had a chance to call them.

My cars depreciated in value, I never had a car accident, I had a bundle (car + home + business) deal, but… as usual, uncle Sam was hungry for a dollar.

Right after getting an awesome deal on Internet, I thought well, if I have a superpower: time, deep voice and luck, why don’t I call and negotiate on a better deal for the car, home, and business?

Results of my next 2 hours battle:

My savings were:
Cars: $34 a month x 12 = 408/yr
House: $267/yr
Total: 675/yr

If I can do it, I’m 100% convinced that you can do it as well… keep trying and I wish you all the best!

Never Give Up! You are strong, you are awesome, you are the best!

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