From Homeless To Famous: 10 Famous People Who Were Homeless Prior to Being Famous

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We are all used to seeing stars on our screens, in magazines, billboards and almost everywhere we look. The glamorous dresses and lavish lifestyles make the rest of us wish for at least a fraction of their fame.

We sometimes, however, fail to reason that these people have pasts, some of them not as glamorous as we think they should. Not all famous people were always famous. Celebrities are also role models, and they sometimes inspire us to dream big. A flashback into the past lives of some of them would probably inspire us more.

Some of them never had the lifestyles that even we, have now and some of such stars would be outlined below:

Hilary Ann Swank

Few would think the American actress and producer, with numerous awards and nominations, including two golden globe awards, would make this list.

In fact, although her acting career had already started at the tender age of nine, things were not so rosy at the beginning.

At the tender age of 15, she had to move to Los Angeles with her mother where they lived out of their car for a while.

Daniel Craig

The man is best known for his lead role in the James Bond movies never had it all rosy for him.

During his early acting days, he waited tables and reports even claim that he spent some nights on park benches!

Daniel has gone on to win several movie awards. How’s that for a success story!

Phil McGraw

The television personality, psychologist and established author, ranked the 15th highest earning celebrity in the world as of 2017 and popularly known as “Dr. Phil” was once homeless!

He once had to live out of a car with his dad before moving into a one-room apartment for a mere five bucks a week.

Jimmy Butler

The professional basketball player for Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA and also a four-time NBA All-Star was not always such a big personality.

The towering shooting guard/small forward from Houston, Texas, had family issues from the early stages of his life and was abandoned by his father and kicked out by his mother at just 13 years of age. He had to shuttle between homes during this period as he was not let back in. However, this turbulent time helped shape Jimmy to be the great player he is today.

Sylvester Stallone

The creator of Rocky had a rocky start to his career. In fact, he once explained how he went so broke, he had to sleep in a bus station for three weeks straight.

Also, reports claim that Stallone sold his dog for just 50 dollars to make ends meet, although the dog later starred in two of his movies when he rebought it.

William Shatner

The real-life ‘James T. Kirk’, from the Star Trek franchise revealed that things did not go too well after Star Wars went off-air in the early 1970s. He actually lived in a pickup truck with his dog after his divorce. However, starring roles in seven Star Trek movies and other TV shows brought Shatner back to fame and wealth. He’s also a proud winner of two Emmys and a Golden Globe award.

Tyler Perry

The highest paid male in entertainment according to Forbes in 2011 also makes the list! When one of his early plays did not attract as much crowd as he had anticipated, Tyler became broke and eventually lost his home. His plays would not become popular until after 7 years of trying.

Tyler is now an established and respected actor, comedian, playwright, and filmmaker.

Halle Berry

The award-winning actress, due to poor financial judgment, was left broke just 3 months after moving to New York. After failing to get a reimbursement from her mother, the Oscar-winning actress was left homeless. She had to live in a homeless shelter at the age of 21. Wow! A big lesson to be picked up from that.

David Letterman

Before he became an established comedian and American Television host, David was living out of a Chevy pickup. He has since gone on to win 5 Emmy awards and is popular for the ‘Late Night Show with David Letterman’.

Djimon Gaston Hounsou

Arguably the most touching story on our list, the Beninese American actor and model from Cotonou in West Africa was homeless when he first moved to Lyon, France at age 13. He said, “I lived on the streets for some time – fighting for survival, searching out nothing more than my daily necessities for a meager existence”. In fact, he once had to spend the night in a juvenile prison when he didn’t have clothes warm enough to get him through a winter night.

He definitely fought a good fight, as he has since gone on to star in movies, notably “The Gladiator”.

In conclusion, the famous people featured here are only some of the many ‘poor-rich’ backstories of celebrities. Not all of them had it easy right from the start. Hard-work, persistence, and determination all played roles in granting them their current lifestyles.

When we look at them, anywhere, anytime, we should always remember that fame and success is not an impossible feat to achieve.

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