Save Life On Halloween

Halloween, the next largest commercial holiday in the world! People decorate their homes, land, cars, buying costumes drink campaign, have parties, and now, lets pause for a second… why they do it? Seriously, why are we doing it?

I was doing simple math, to decorate the house probably family will spend 150-200 dollars, then a family of five will spend another hundred or more on costumes, candies and probably even presents, total 250-350 a year. That is a big amount!

I think it’s fair to have a reason in everything you or I do, right? Well, at least it’s logical. We go to school to get a degree, we marry another person – because we are in love and want to stay together for many awesome happy years, with Halloween I think, and it’s pure personal we celebrate or I better say “proclaim” not a life but death. Well, now you probably thinking, “Yeah… the kid saying the right thing”, thanks…

But, I encourage you to do amazing thing this year, to make a change, to make the world brighter, happier place, to save a life!

Donate, donate $100 or $200… I’m serious, show your kids how awesome you are, do it!

I donate, my family donate, every month hundreds of dollars. Sure, we can drive new cars more often, sure we can save for our kid’s college more, sure I can buy a new Weber barbeque… but, we choose to be more open, to be more honest, to open our hearts for other higher things. Please, do great things for others! It will change you and it will change your family members!

It’s 2017, we do have wars on our planet, I still can’t and don’t want to believe in this, but, it does not matter what I think… people are dying, some kids or adults don’t have water or food to survive, they will die today or tomorrow… and your Halloween money now will save their life!

I will list a few organizations here, for you to donate:

And I wish you, my dear friends, to have the most amazing Halloween because we make a difference!

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