The Real Skills You Should Look For In 21 century: Faith Is Like A Weapon! – Here’s Why

“Faith Is Defined As The Confidence..”

Whether you are on your ten thousandth days as a Christian or on your first day, I bet you have heard of what Christians refer to as Faith. Even if you are not yet sure if you want to be a Christian or not, you must have come across this somewhere. Something like: ‘The only reason things worked out is because I had faith’ Or occasionally, ‘I’m sorry you are having a hard time right now. Just have faith, it will come to pass’

But at the end of the day, what does all this mean? Well, according to Hebrews 11:1 Faith is defined as the confidence we have in what we hope and the assurance we have even in the things that we don’t see. I’ll say that faith is more of a momentum that brings us to a more a peaceful future. In that, the more faith we have, the easier it becomes to survive and even thrive through all kinds of challenges in our daily lives.

In that case, instead of wasting time in despair, invest in bolstering and strengthening your faith. At times you may feel like things are too much and you can’t move past the obstacles. In this movement, draw on your faith and things will be better. Also, when you feel like the challenges you are facing are leaving you breathless, just breathe some faith and keep moving.

So Why Is Faith So Important?

Faith Strengthens You

Well, I know you are probably thinking of that strength you need to take down the bullies. No, I’m not talking about physical strength here. Instead, I’m talking about that inner resolve that you get to withstand obstacles and turmoil. That is because when we have faith in God and believe that He got our backs, we will never face challenges on our own.

Those who have adequate knowledge of the Bible have probably read the story on David and Goliath in 1st Samuel 17. This story focuses on how David who was able to take down Goliath who was a feared Giant. David was only a mere shepherd who was inexperienced with matters of the war.

David was quite upset when he saw Goliath mocking those who believed and worshipped God. That being the case, David was courageous enough to approach the king and requested to go and fight Goliath. This was quite ironical for the King! Just imagine a cleaner telling the president ‘I’ll handle this!’

Well, it’s evident that the only thing that made David strong and not shaken by either the size or the insults passed on by Goliath was his faith. David had faith that through God’s help and guidance he would put down Goliath and then deliver the people of God. Therefore, David stood up to the King and this giant too.

This shows that, when we have faith in God, anything could be possible. If you are feeling like things are not working out and you want to despair, remember all you got to do is have faith. And like David, you will put down those Goliaths in your life in just a blink of an eye.

Faith Boosts Your Courage

Most people will treat courage and faith as they are the same thing. I won’t deny that these two are often seen together and that is why it’s easy to think of them as the same thing. However, courage is the ability to face and do even the things that scare us. also, courage is that ability to act on the things we believe in no matter the danger we are likely to encounter.

And just like strength, you will get courage when you have faith in God. The fact that we believe that someone is guiding and watching over us, you are likely to take risks and face both pain and grief with a smile. Let’s say humanity feels that death is the worst thing that can ever happen to us. Now tell me how death will hurt or scare someone who believes that after death, there is an afterlife that’s even better than what we already have?

You can relate to the story of Esther in the Bible who fearlessly continued doing what she was doing even when she knew that she was in constant danger. You’ll see how she navigated tricky territories just to deliver the people of God from the vendetta of a dangerous man. You can read more of her story in Esther 7. She victoriously endured the schemes of her enemy since she had faith.

Faith Makes You Stable

Faith will not make you stable in terms of material possessions. However, it will without a doubt make you unshakable. Ever seen that co-worker who will take a deep breath and move ahead to the next office head high when her job application gets rejected. That’s instead of slamming her head on the wall and crying as most people do. Now that’s a person who is strong in faith.

I know everyone would love to be able to persevere through their everyday activities this way without feeling like they’d melt down. When you have faith, it allows you to remain strong even when situations are out of hand and you feel like throwing a tantrum. The good thing with having faith is that you will be comfortable even when things are hard as you know that God is in control. The thought of this will give you peace of mind and you will worry less about your troubles.

Just like Daniel in Daniel 1: 1-8, when he has kidnapped alongside other Israelites and forced to join the service of the Babylonian king, he did not abide to their stray ways. They introduced new customs, food, clothes, language and everything for them. Although Daniel was held hostage, he did not sway from what he believed about God. He refused to eat things that God had commanded the Israelites not to eat. And for his faith and obedience, Daniel was blessed by God.


It is evident that having faith in your life can do a lot of good for you. Faith is one thing that will grow you and even give you the opportunity to try and actually persevere through things you thought you would not do your entire life. Faith will help you to know that all things are possible through God.

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30 thoughts on “The Real Skills You Should Look For In 21 century: Faith Is Like A Weapon! – Here’s Why”

  1. This post… such good stories referenced for each example. I resonated most deeply with your note about faith being stable. As I’ve taken what others deem as risks and as I’ve walked with God these past three years, it’s seemed like I am anything but stable. However, you are right that I’ve been able to hang on because of my faith. Thanks to holding on, I’m now seeing the fruits of my labor pay off and see that what I gave up to make this move and the greatness and glory I thought was amazing in my former days has nothing on what’s coming for this next half of life! Thanks for posting this. I am thankful I read it again and stopped back to comment. I needed this reminder tonight.

  2. Your post is so powerful, I love it, I endure many difficult times in my life and I always made it through because of my faith , thanks for reminding me that I am not crazy

  3. “Faith will help you to know that all things are possible through God.”
    Wow this is so good, an inspiring article. My heart is filled with light when I read something like that in a such a shallow world that denies God and his holy laws.Many thanks!!

    “Faith is bridge between panic and peace!”

  4. Very good article, I agree with you totally! David, Esther and Daniel are 3 of my favorites for courage and faith. And you are absolutely right all things are possible through God, nothing too hard for Him. Thanks for sharing this, nice timing for sure. God knows what we need and when. God bless.

    • Hi Steve, sorry I had no chance to reply earlier 🙂
      I so much agree with your wonderful thoughts: “God knows what we need and when.” It’s so true, sometimes we need to pray a bit more and wait for a bit longer… because “God knows what we need and when.” ! Have a wonderful weekend Steve!

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