Emergency Plan. Be Ready For Tomorrow.

“Remember: when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed” Steven Cyros

Be prepared for anything life will send your way. An obstacle, challenging life situation. Be always ready and well-equipped.

Be Well Prepared

To work in certain industries, we must have a degree or be well thought, usually by a very experienced professional. It’s essential to have the latest practical industrial knowledge, in order to succeed in life and be happy at work.

When we choose a doctor at the hospital, we carefully inspect his education, years of experience and if we can confidently trust him with every step.

Same alerted mentality and military attitude we have towards choosing a doctor, getting degrees or acquiring new skills, on a sunny day/great day, we have, we must have for any kind of emergency situations and events, that might happen at any period of our life or to the lives of our family members.

The danger of these situations is that, they happen when we least expect them, or confidently don’t expect them at all.

Usually, when something happens it happens quickly, leaving us some time on the best case to prepare and pray. Sometimes it is a millisecond or no time at all – for example, if you see a car heading towards you and there is no way you can escape a car crash, of which you really want to save your life and the lives of your family members.

The wisdom of generations

Think five steps ahead. Knowing what is happening in your state, city, community is the first step towards a happy, stress-free life. Don’t ignore red flags. Daily, read articles online, subscribe to podcasts, order at least one low cost local but informative newspaper or subscribe for online versions (usually cheaper version) of a newspaper.

Maybe it’s time to move to another cheaper and more cost-efficient state or city because you are preparing for your retirement and want to save more? Maybe it’s time to quickly and effectively sell your property or home because the community is not safe anymore and you have 3 little kids?

As a matter of fact, there are always people migrating from one place to another. For example, 30 – 40 years ago literally anybody could afford a comfortable life in New York City, but not anymore. Only rich people or I better say, professionals with a decent income, can buy and own apartments or condos in downtown New York. Mid-income or low-income families are forced to move and live in less secure and cheaper areas they can afford. This is happening all around the world.

Be ready for changes, the world is very dynamic these days, prepare yourself and your loved ones.

Stay healthy and strong every day

Have you noticed a very interesting pattern that mentally and physically healthy people live longer and happier? They enjoy life more, have a more proactive and productive life, help their kids and grandkids to be successful in life.

In our crazy, hectic life it’s almost impossible to find quality time for exercises and healthy habits (eating, sleeping, relaxation) but, some of us successfully do it, do it not only for years but throughout our life. If they can, you and I can as well.

Find your inspiration and not just stay healthy but ultra-healthy. It would help you to archive more; proactively react on life challenges, that you will encounter on your way and live happily!

Go to the gym or exercise at least 3 times every week. If you don’t have time for the gym (let’s say only driving will take you around 40 minutes), exercise in your garage. Make sure to visit a doctor for yearly check-ups (this is important!).

Safety on the road part 1

One of the important aspects of our lives is driving. One day all of us will own a safe self-driving and eventually flying car. But for now, we have to manually operate our vehicles. We drive every day, everywhere and as a matter of fact – driving is unpredictable (road conditions change quickly) and will never be a 100% safe.

* One day a friend of mine was driving from work and was hit by a semi-truck, head-to-head collision. Luckily he was driving a large truck, he survived with minor scratches.

You can be the most careful driver, the most educated driver and still get into a car accident just because somebody else doesn’t know how to drive well, does not pay enough attention to the road or don’t care much about road safety.

* Make sure to always have a warm jacket in your car, a pair of shoes, water, snack and car emergency kit.

* Install dash camera in your car and protect yourself and your family from irresponsible drivers.

Shopping. When you drive to a store parking lot or out of the store parking lot, be very careful and drive slowly to eliminate any possibilities of a car accident.

Driving through a community. If you live in a high-density community, when you drive to/from work make sure to drive carefully and pay attention to pedestrians, playing kids, and cars entering or leaving driveways.

Driving on a freeway. Make sure you feel comfortable in the car, your sit and steering wheel are well adjusted, your windshield – well cleaned. I highly recommend buying sunglasses and night vision glasses to drive on sunny days and at night. Both of them will relax your eyes and make the driving experience more comfortable and safe.

Safety on the road part 2

Never be aggressive on the road, never cut other cars, motorcycles or trucks. Be always polite and act professionally. If you know that your life is in danger please call 911 immediately, and explain the situation.

If you see any misbehavior from any driver in front of you or behind you, carefully monitor person’s behavior and maintain safe a distance.

When you drive in the traffic, remember correct distance between vehicles is a key to successful and safe driving.

Safe car

There are many amazing cars for sale these days. They are well equipped with the latest active and passive safety features.

My personal recommendation is to get a larger all-wheel drive or 4 x 4 car or truck. Larger cars usually safer, and more comfortable to drive. All-wheel drive or 4 x 4 perform much better on wet surfaces, snow, and ice.

Yes, you will need to pay a little more for gas, but believe me, your life is priceless.

Before you buy a car, please carefully analyze crash tests and car safety ratings. Compare cars, calculate yearly spending, and remember a good car will save your life in a challenging life-threatening situation.

Safe home

Nobody can answer on a simple question: what is going to happen tomorrow? It’s your responsibility to be well-equipped and prepared for a natural disaster or any other catastrophic event.

Let’s discuss a few basic, but essential steps on how to stay on the safe side at home.

Emergency evacuation plan. Have a map (Study and understand your area well) and a clear plan, where to drive/go in case of an emergency.

Security system. Even if you think you don’t need one, I highly advise you to have one installed at home. It can be a basic one with no monthly fees. Don’t forget to install, stickers on your windows, and security sign on your front yard. You can add another security layer to your home and invest in your personal safety.

Security cameras. Install a few wired or wireless ones.

Fire extinguisher. You can save your life and your property if you have a fire extinguisher ready (periodically check the expiry date, replace it if needed). Practice how to use it a couple times.

Pictures of your belonging. Take a picture of your home, inside, outside, cars and publish it in a very secure location online. You can use Google Drive for it. If anything happens with your property while you travel, or you have to move out of a state immediately because of a catastrophic event, that is the only evidence that own/owned something. These documents would be essential to start a conversation with the insurance company.

Cash and backpack. Always have at least 1000 or more in cash hidden in the house, backpack and all the documents ready, just in case anything happens.

Emergency items

Emergency first aid kit. If you don’t have one, please purchase it today. Understand how to use it.

*One day my friend cut a vain on his finger, when washing dishes. Only imagine, the plate got broken right in his hands, and we had minutes to stop the blood, and fortunately we have an emergency kit in the house.

Emergency food, water, flashlight. You must have emergency food and water to be ready at all times, for at least a week, better for two. If you live on the farm, I’m sure you will have some food and water in situations of disaster, even though water can be easily contaminated.  For people who live in the city, it’s an essential step towards surviving when faced with certain situations, to have water, snacks and gas, so that you can drive outside of the city and refuel your car.

*Make sure you also have, garbage bags, matches, water filter, gas mask, toilet paper, generator, gas/wood grill at home.

* Types of Natural disasters to consider: hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfire, earthquakes.

Emergency escape ladder. If you live in a two-story house, make sure you buy few escape ladders so you can exit your home as fast as possible. Ask somebody from the local Fire department to train you on the best escape practices with a ladder and how to use it, and in general.

Doors and garage

Front door. I’m sure you have short screws in your front door, if you never changed them. Replace screws which connect your front door with a door frame, and install long ones. You may also want to replace the screws connecting your door and your lock. Lock must be well bolted to your door. Door kickers will not be able to enter your home as quickly as they think and will leave your property untouched.

Garage door. It’s essential that you watch YouTube videos and secure it.

Helpful links

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I sincerely hope that we all stay out of trouble, being happy and healthy every day!

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