Techniques For Being Less Reactive: Don’t Be Reactionary In Life

Don’t Be Reactionary In Life

Have you ever interacted with someone who opposes every progress which is made in the country or by other people? If you have ever met reactionary people in life, then you might have had some difficult time to explain to such people the importance of welcoming and also embracing other people progress in life. A reactive person will always be on edge to oppose any political or social progress, which does not portray a good picture for such people in our life.

When I was young, I grew in a family set up where we lived with the extended family. My grandmother could frequently be with us and share some sweet stories about life. However, my grandmother was always against any progress which could be made by either her children or the grandchildren, which made us to reduce the love we had for her.

I remember in particular time when my uncle made a bold move and declared his interest in vying in the upcoming senatorial seat, and my grandmother was quick to condemn and mock him that he would not make it even in the party primaries.

On another incident, we loved jogging around our town, and we could always compete among ourselves. When we started this, my grandmother was so happy and would often join and jog together in the early morning hours or late in the evening. However, one of my cousins fell and broke her left knees.

She got hospitalized for several months, and she got well. Later, when we decided to get back to usual jogging our grannie would be against. I would often feel how strange it was for her to prevent us from having fun simply because my cousin had fallen at some point.

Why We Should Avoid Being Reactionary

  • It makes us develop a bad attitude towards others
  • It hinders us from accepting changes
  • It prevents happiness in our life
  • It makes us feel emotionally tortured
  • It hinders you from thinking big

 1. It Makes Developing A Bad Attitude From Others

The most significant repercussion which could be brought by being reactive in life is that it makes you develop a bad attitude towards others. On the other, those people who would be listening to you or watching you would have a negative attitude toward you. It is essential to avoid the act of being reactionary and instead be proactive in life.

2. It Hinders Us From Accepting Changes

Change in life is not inevitable, and we should always be ready to accept the changes in life. When there is political or social progress in life, we should embrace and be prepared to adapt to the new changes which will come with the progress. For instance, if someone is changing a social class in life, we should not be the first to mock such people.

3. It Prevents Happiness In Our Life

Did you know that being reactive in life would hinder you from being happy in your life? While some other people are happy with the progress which is made both politically and also socially, you will be grieving other people success. It is essential to rise and be proactive in life and be ready to accept progress in life. There is no need to hinder your life happiness in something that can be eliminated.

4. It Makes Us Feel Emotionally Tortured

Reacting to everything makes one feel emotionally tortured, which will have some harm in your body. When you see the progress other people are making in life, it will make you feel tortured, which will have some effect on your health. To avoid this, it would be prudent to avoid being reactionary in life. It makes no sense for one to get tortured with issues which he or she should be embracing.

5. It Hinders You From Thinking Big

People who are usually reactive in life are likely to think less, which would have some impact on their life. For instance, in the case of our grandmother, she could not see the benefits, which would become if my uncle would get the seat of a senator. In addition to that, when we decided to go out and have fun, our grandmother would only figure out that we will fall like the way my cousin did.

Living a reactive life does not mean living at all because you will never see happiness in other people and also appreciating the little efforts which we make in life. In life, you don’t always have to be on edge thinking about what other people are doing with their lives, but instead, you should focus on and enhance some personal growth.

Why should we always expect the worst to happen in life? It is essential for everyone to take the initiative and develops a positive attitude toward life and avoid being reactive in life. It has more benefit to be proactive in life and embrace other people success.


Reacting to everything in life will cause more harm to you than good thus, there is need we depart from this and ensure that we embrace change. The first thing is to free up your mind and be ready to accept changes in life because they are inevitable. Always be proactive when it comes to life affairs because you cannot prevent other people from progressing.

Every day there are new changes in both political and also socially thus guaranteeing the need for everyone to embrace other people progress in life. In this life, we have less control over other people success; hence, we should avoid being reactionary.

Another essential thing to consider when it comes reactionary in life is that we need not react negatively on the changes but instead embrace changes and promote other people welfare. In this concept, it is good to be conservative on social issues and also political happening, but we should regulate ourselves to the extent at which you are conservative to avoid being reactionary. It only calls for a simple response in some issues, but we tend to overreact, which is wrong.

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10 thoughts on “Techniques For Being Less Reactive: Don’t Be Reactionary In Life”

  1. I have met and worked with many people in my life who are BOTH reactionary AND pessimists. Especially in business, people who couldn’t plan the next day never mind a week, a month or a year, pretending it was much better to have an “open door” approach to each and every day. They lived for and welcomed interruptions, drop-ins, the phone ringing, another email pinging! Worse still were the pessimists, the folks whose glass is half empty, saw nothing but the downside of any change or development, never the upside, the possibilities …. My country is full of them, especially in our parliament, scared shitless of leaving the bureaucracy of the European Union, heaping negative wave after negative wave (like Moriarty, the gunner in Oddballs tank in the film Kelly’s Heroes) as they undermine the biggest democratic vote in our country. Is this attitude genetic, personality based? Hmmmm!

    • Hi Dr. B thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us! I very much agree with your point of view, it’s the world we live in. Some people would plan, stay proactive and work hard… others they would/might also work hard, but they had to work twice harder with no plan. Thank you Dr. B! Always happy to get your feedback 🙂

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