Delicious Borscht from Russia 2018 World Cup.

“Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing” Irina Shayk

Russia is the capital of 2018 FIFA World Cup and the largest country in the world with eleven time zones and over 144 million people.

Wonderful Russia is the motherland of super famous dish – Borscht (created in early XVI—XVII centures).

If you are a soccer fan visiting Russia at this time of the year and watching 2018 FIFA World Cup live or simply planning to visit Russia in near future, I’m sure you will be happily surprised by the hospitality of Russians, their deep traditions, and variety of choices of truly delicious food.

..and most likely, you won’t be able to find, that quickly, so well advertised in the media – bears on the streets drinking Vodka, it’s another wonderful fairy tale we all want to believe in!

Why Borscht?

Who does not like to eat delicious food, or at least try something new once, in a while, I think we all do, right?

Let me introduce you to a very special authentic dish cooked in Northern Asia and Eastern Europe for centuries. This amazingly delicious dish, famous in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belorussia, Lithuania, Armenia and it’s Borscht!

* I’m sure you will have a chance to eat or try this great dish in one of the local Russian restaurants or around the world, simply use your mobile phone to find a great place, and make sure you’ve looked at the restaurant/place rating online before entering the place. You want to make sure the food is great and the place is comfortable and safe.

How to cook it.

Interestingly enough, borscht would be cooked slightly differently (have a different recipe, color, flavor, and taste) in different parts of Russia and even have a different kind of meat in it – chicken, pork, beef or it can be a completely vegetarian dish for any occasion.

Southern parts of Russian Federation, like Cuban with cities Krasnodar, Timashevsk, Goryachiy Klutch etc., would cook borscht with red freshly produced organic beats, tomatoes and parsley. Northern parts of the country would have less raw and fresh products in it due to the colder climate.

Overall Bortsh has a good and reach taste, and literally is a “red soup” with lots of vitamins, healthy microelements and protein in it, if it’s made with meat.

Probably the best occasion for this dish would fall on cold and rainy days. Nasty weather when it’s cold outside and maybe even snowing. It would set a special mood for a warm, delicious and healthy dish like Bortsh.

And don’t forget, that when next time you have guests you waited for so long time to invite over at your place feel free to impress them with amazing new European dish – Bortsh(em)/??????.


*Purchase all organic to get original taste.

We tried to cook a few versions of Borsch based on different recipes and we like the final outcome and taste of this dish.

Classic Russian Borscht

Borscht With Meat

Classic Ukrainian Borscht

From Russia with love, stay happy!

Olé, Olé, Olé

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