How to Be Happy Every Single Day

Each of us wakes up every morning, eats breakfast, dresses up and goes to school or to work or take care of their own business. We are not really different, right? But we do live very different lives and some of us can be really happy having a little: work, food, and shelter, others even having tons of success in many areas of life still struggle to have happiness in their lives.

I promise you, you will be happier tomorrow if you do only a few things different from your normal routine, are you ready? Alright…

Step 1
Start your day with quick 15 minutes of exercise. This will help you to wake up quickly and feel energized throughout the day. You will look sharper and fitter, your body will thank you for that down the road.

Step 2
During your breakfast, I personally do it before – pick up and read an interesting and inspiring article, few verses from Bible or couple amazing motivational quotes. This is essential!

Fill your brain before your stomach! This step will continuously sharpen your positive unbeatable attitude, your brain and make you very different in a positive way from other folks. Don’t be surprised when you will be asked one day: “How can you work 14 hours a day, having a superstar personality and look good?”

Step 3
Stay positive. I’m sure your life is not a fairy tale, neither is mine, but believe me, staying positive is a super important skill to have and it takes years to learn “How To”. Your ultimate goal is to immerse your personality and positive attitude. Make it a habit!

Follow these simple three steps for at least a few months to make it a habit.