Be Happy And Feel Blessed Every Day: 9 Interesting Questions That Will Make You Feel Grateful For A Life Full Of Blessings

The Secret To Feeling Amazing And Energized Every Day!

Life is a roller coaster of emotions that never really fails to thrill us with all its ups and downs. Its unpredictability is what keeps us going in this never-ending game of chance. It’s a trail of bittersweet experiences where one continuously strives to differentiate right from wrong. Just a few strings of words are never enough to define what life really is. Every phase, every moment and all the circumstances that we face, introduce us to a newer meaning of life.

“No one ever finds life worth living – one has to make it worth living.” Winston Churchill

Sometimes, it makes us feel as if it is all about being fortunate to have memories while at other times, the scary thoughts, dark realities, and deserted desires make our heart sink.

To cope with any such situation where clouds of hopelessness completely block all the sunshine of optimism that tries to reach us, we must cultivate in us a habit of being grateful for all the major and minor blessings that we generally tend to pay no attention to.

Here is a comprehensive list of the 9 most important questions that we need to ask ourselves, in order to be grateful for being able to cherish this beautiful gift of life.

1. What Are the Things That I Am Good At?

Thinking about all the things that you are good at is what makes you feel grateful. It makes you to be satisfied with all that you have achieved in life so far and surely provides you a reason for contentment.

2. What Is the Best Thing About My Age?

A man transforms a lot with age. He really learns and improves with time and age. Thus, each phase of life comes up with a new experience and a new lesson to make you a wiser and better human being. It gives you another reason to be thankful for your life.

3. What Puts A Smile On My Face Right Now?

When a person tries to recall things that make him smile, he automatically feels contented and grateful for whatever blessings he is bestowed with. Unfortunate events and bad experiences often make him cherish the good times that once made him laugh his lungs out.

4. Who Are The Three People That You Cannot Imagine Your Life Without?

Recalling the names of the people who complete your life is another most effective way to be grateful for their presence in your life. It makes you think again of how much you love those people, and also recalls that happiness that you have with them. And this is what makes you feel thankful for the gift of life.

5. What Are The Best Things That Has Ever Been Yours?

All the best things that you have ever had tend to have a happy effect on your mind and your soul. From all your favorites to toys, to all the pets that you have ever kept, you consider them all as the best things that have ever been yours. They tend to have a distinct place in your heart, and thus, those are the things that you feel grateful for.

6. How Is Your Present Better Than Your Past?

The improvements that you have made in yourself so far possess the ability to revitalize your self-confidence and strengthen your belief in good luck. Believing in fortune and luck is all about being grateful for this precious gift of life.

7. What Are The Most Memorable Moments in Your Life?

Memories die hard, especially when they are about the time spent with your long lost loved one. The soothing effect that they provide you with is what really makes you appreciate every moment.

8. What Is The One Thing That Turned Out So Well That It Exceeded All Your Expectations?

When nothing happens as per your expectations, you feel gloomy for sure but what if things turn out to be even better than your expectations? That feeling cannot be explained in words. It probably makes you feel as if you are on cloud nine. Recalling all such memorable incidents is what makes you thank the Almighty for the infinite blessing that you have.

9. What Is The Best Compliment That You Have Ever Received?

Who doesn’t love receiving compliments? Compliments make you cheerful and blush, but they never really make you feel bad or upset about anything. Such positive thoughts instill in you a feeling of immense gratitude.

Gratitude is what makes us feel contented and happy about whatever is ours. It saves us from all the insecurities and negativity that we otherwise tend to develop towards people who we think are more fortunate.

We must cultivate the habit of being grateful for all the good things that we have; thanklessness is never going to make things better.

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