Aptitude Versus Attitude: Difference Between Aptitude And Attitude

Aptitude Versus Attitude

Aptitude is simply the ability to learn certain skills and we typically develop it over time. On the flip side, attitude is the feeling you have for a particular task or activity. So which of the two do you think is important to have? Keep on reading to get the answer to that question.

“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.” – Joel Osteen

Aptitude and ability almost have the same meaning. But as much as aptitude is very important, you will, however, need more than that to become a good leader. To be more specific, it’s your attitude that will ensure you have a prosperous company.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘Attitude will determine your altitude’. This basically means that your attitude has a lot to do with how high you rise up the ranks of success. I’ve also come to believe that attitude is far much better when compared to high skill levels.

More to that, through my years of travel and connecting with various prosperous people, I’ve seen successful businessmen make up excuses for one of their disruptive team member. All in the name that the individual is highly skilled. They also avoid topics such as behavior, the attitude among others simply because they are afraid of losing the skills that this individual brings to the team.

But that’s just being short-sighted. What these leaders tend to forget is the effect that such a highly skilled performer might have to the teammates around them. I saw a great company go down in New York City, due to a reckless act by one of the top skilled yet incompetent personnel. Don’t get me wrong! We all have bad days. But think of what that will cost your company. That said, attitude to work and succeed in life is very important.

Useless Or Not?

I was once a leader of a great team and I realized that one of my teammates was considered to be useless. He didn’t have all the technical skills to carry out the tasks we had. So, everyone spoke behind his back and called him useless.

What I quickly noticed is that he was the most motivated person in the entire team. But he had the wrong role. So, I switched him up and put him in a position where he was in charge of coordination and communications. There, he made a positive difference to the team.

That’s what drove me to share this piece with all of you. Don’t ever think that you are useless especially at work. There’s always something that you can contribute to the team. All you need to do is to find out where you fit in. Therefore, attitude is far more important when compared to aptitude. Here are some of the reasons why attitude is important.

1. Positivity Is Infectious

When you are in a sad mood, you will easily affect everyone around you. This infectious routine is even worse when you are a leader or the CEO of big cooperation. All our attitude and behaviors have a way of affecting everyone around us.

Therefore, it is important for you to have constructive behaviors so you can easily motivate the people around you. More to that, if you have a positive attitude and you believe that your team can succeed, everyone else will take up the same attitude. Just ensure you work hard towards meeting the goals of the team.

Your entire team will view challenges as small obstacles rather than dead-ends. This can be a very important commodity for your team and your entire company in general. However, aptitude doesn’t inspire positivity in your members. In some rare cases, it might even make your teammates have lower self-esteem if they lack the skills. That’s because when you are too good at something, then instead of helping your team, you will be focussed at trying to show them how good you are. That will not help anyone.

2. You Can Easily Learn A New Skill But Attitude Can Be Hard To Change

Learning new skills is an uphill task but it’s something we can all achieve. However, your attitude towards a particular subject is something that’s quite difficult to change. Back in high school, my chemistry teacher was a personal friend to my dad. And that gave me the motivation to always try and impress him.

So, every time the teacher asked a question, I was quick to give the answer. After a few months, I found out that I was among the best students in chemistry. But everyone in my class was complaining that the subject is boring and irrelevant. That was basically the reason why they found it hard to study for the chemistry exam.

I took the same attitude to my personal business and also in almost everything I do. That way, I was able to excel in my ventures even when everyone saw it as an impossible situation. Attitude has a lot to do with your success in any type of business.

3. Negativity Is Infectious. You Need Something To Counteract It

In an office space, it’s easy to have negative thoughts. That’s because most people view the office space as a boring area. For that reason, you need something that can counteract negativity in your company. The best way to deal with negativity is through having a positive attitude.

4. It’s Easier To Train Aptitude

As I said earlier, aptitude is something that you can train for. However, when it comes to attitude, it’s not easy to overcome. I mean, how do you change someone’s perception of work? Majority of the people at work literally detest what they are doing.

When your workers have the wrong attitude, it can be hard for them to work. They will just end up clashing with the idea of an organization, disrupting teamwork and among others. Therefore, it’s easy to work with people who have a positive attitude towards the company.

Aptitude In Summary

As you have seen from the points above, attitude will clearly affect your altitude in life. Additionally, being successful in life is not all about acquiring the skill. You also need a good attitude to what you are doing. The best way to do that is to enjoy your work.

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