Want To Be Truly Proactive? 9 Inspiring Things To Learn From Insects

Insects: 9 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Life Or Business

From the tiniest fairy fly to the to the largest bug, insects are largely unnoticed by human beings. They go about their own business (most of the time) and only interfere with us when it cannot be avoided.

Truly, noticing them can be hard, squashing them can be easy and swiping them out of existence can be done with just a finger, however, we do not realize that there are things to be learned from these little creatures. Insects possess some fascinating characteristics that can truly inspire us if paid attention to:


This is a rare attribute these days for humans. The ability to work carefully and persistently has been fading away from the human race slowly. This has been replaced by laziness and carelessness, arguably due to the fast rate of technological developments.

Surprisingly, our less intelligent neighbors still value diligence and when watched carefully, we can notice this in their various routines.

The value of diligence can be taken from ants. Due to their incredible work rate, they are not known to starve. Termites are also known for their diligence, as these tiny wood eaters would not stop until they have excavated every inch of ‘unfortunate’ wood.

2. Organization

I would pick ants to illustrate this attribute also, as these tiny guys are worthy of applause. Not only are they diligent with their work, they also go about these activities in an efficient and orderly manner. Excellent organization skills and strategic planning has helped them survive for years in whatever season. During seasons of plenty, food is stored to ensure that there would be enough to eat during winter.

Sadly, some of us lack this ability and poor organizational and planning skills often lead to hardship and poverty.

3. Teamwork And Unity

The importance of teamwork cannot be overstressed. The combined action of a group of people surely gets things done way faster than a non-cooperative one. Bees exhibit a very high level of teamwork and unity for example. Each type of bee understands its duty in the beehive and this ensures a smooth running of activities. The queen bee reproduces so that the hive does not run out of workers. The field bees serve as the main collector of nectar which worker bees use in producing honey. The worker bees also ensure that the hive stays at the right temperature.

This high level of teamwork and unity can also be seen in ants and even common wasps. This shows that only when work is split efficiently and evenly among workers in an organization, will productivity be at its peak.

4. Work Without Complaint

It’s very hard to keep doing the same job over and over without having complaints. Sometimes, we feel we should be allowed to do more, sometimes less while sometimes, we just want a change. Issues like this come up every time and only disturbs the normal flow of activities.

Insects are known to work without complaint, in harsh or favorable weather, tough scenarios and even in dangerous territories where they can be killed easily.

Also, their routine remains pretty much the same everyday. The same tasks are repeated over and over and they never complain about boredom. Instead, they keep working tirelessly, defying all odds to keep productivity high no matter the problem. Big lesson!

5. Honest Communication Between Workers

Now, this is a problem that comes up regularly among we humans. Sometimes, untruthful information is passed to fellow workers for different reasons. Other times, information is not even passed at all.

Honest communication is central to a team’s ability to succeed in any situation. Without proper information, work would definitely not be done in unison.

The bees exhibit a high level of communication skills while going about their daily routine. Bees use vibrations and pheromones to help pass the right messages to the right receiver. Remember, communication can only be truly effective when it is honest.

6. Risk Taking

The willingness to take risky actions even in dire situations is key to be successful. Sometimes, we get scared by little problems, afraid that we would lose all. We forget that insects also take everyday risks by just trying to get food. Mosquitoes, the female ones to be precise, need the iron and protein in blood to produce eggs. We all know how risky a task this is. However, this does not stop them as they will keep trying even when they can get killed.

7. Nobody Is Too Small To Make A Difference

As little as insects are, they all have their parts to play. Tunnels built by ants aerate the earth, honey and beeswax are produced by bees and they also do their part in cross-pollination, even larvae of fireflies feed on slugs and snails to keep our gardens perfect. The list goes on and on.

We also have different and important roles to play, no matter how little we think we are.

8. Never Give Up

Things might not always go well, but giving up is not the answer. Cockroaches can lose their heads but still stay alive for weeks. Impressive statistics to learn from.

9. Be Prepared

We should always be prepared for the worst. Assuming that things would always go well can prove dangerous. Insects are always prepared to defend their territory. Bees would sting any trespasser and ants would go as far as fighting another colony of ants to stay alive.

In conclusion, although, insects might seem incapable of doing anything important, a careful study of their daily activities can get really inspiring. When next an ant passes by, take some time to observe and learn from its ways.

Image By: pixabay.com

59 thoughts on “Want To Be Truly Proactive? 9 Inspiring Things To Learn From Insects”

    • Hi Clara, thank you for kind words. I really like your article about Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Make Friends and Influence People,” very interesting, I’ve read Dale Carnegie probably 17 years ago, but, would love to read his books again. Thank you!

  1. I will think of the bees and ants next time I feel lazy about doing something ? indeed, Allah (God Almighty) since he has created this world, the activity of animals have been like “lessons” to the humans, I quote from the Quran the story of Adam’s son who killed his brother: (5:31) Thereupon Allah sent forth a raven who began to scratch the earth to show him how he might cover the corpse of his brother. So seeing he cried: ‘Woe unto me! Was I unable even to be like this raven and find a way to cover the corpse of my brother? Then he became full of remorse at his doing”. ? thanks again for this inspiring post?

  2. Excellent post. Very creative analogy with insects. We have a lot to learn from them and really insects in our own right if we look from afar. Very good post!

    • Hi Jordy, thank you very much for kind words. Absolutely agree with you! We can learn so much from mother nature. Blessings!!

  3. I have never looked at it from this point of view and I must say its very enlightening. My view on insects have forever been transformed and my views on the role everyone plays too. Thank you for enlightenment.

  4. I totally agree with you here, there is just so much we can learn from these tiny creatures (and large), I especially like studying ants, there is such an amazing variety all over the world! I am planning to write about ants and many other creatures in the near future. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. I too have studied insects. I think their most enviable trait is organization. If people could organize that effectively, there would be no limits to what we could get done…. IF.

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