Should You Succeed? 8 Secrets Of Successful Lifestyle That Everyone Misses

Things To Consider First: 8 Secrets Of Successful Lifestyle

What does being successful really mean? It is not just about attaining popularity or profiting from a business. Being successful entails far more than that. When success is mentioned, prosperity, wealth, triumph, affluence and the likes all run through our minds.

98% of the world today try to be successful in many ways, through legit and illegitimate ways, a few succeed, others fail woefully, some give up, others keep trying; the loop goes on and on…

Sometimes, we just fail to take notice of little tips that would ensure success, instead, we try to do what everyone else is doing. Some of such little tips that can ensure success are:

1. Assuming Full Responsibility Of Your Life

This is the first and definitely the most important piece of being successful. Most people fail to understand the importance of their lives and thereby throw it carelessly to others to take charge of. This is not advisable, as no matter how much a person acts as our “keeper”, he cannot manage your life as well as his own. Eventually, he or she has a life to live too, and if we were really born with the capacity to manage two lives, then we would all have two each.

Life choices, excluding the early ones that have to be made by parents or guardians, should be made personally. This ensures that your life is practically in your hands and no mistakes can be blamed on anyone else but yourself.

Without taking this first step, failure is not far-fetched and you can be in for an unbearably miserable life.

2. Being A Good Reader And Listener

This tip works perfectly with the first. To take full responsibility of one’s life, one must also be a good listener. Time moves quickly but doesn’t get carried away by it. Take in everything you hear and read slowly before processing it. Who knows? You might get something important from even the faintest word. While reading this as well, each word should be read with care. There are hidden messages everywhere, and there might be one for just you right here.

It definitely is not easy to pay attention to every single detail in a day, but doing this regularly would help you take in more information everyday. Practice makes perfect.

In fact, this would help you spot opportunities before others!

3. Keeping It Simple

This tip compliments the second. Being a good reader and listener can actually become very stressful as trying to process a whole lot of information can get you all worked up. So you need to keep it simple. Everything can get muddled up in your head, leading you to take totally wrong decisions.

However, make sure you think clearly and take things one by one.

Moreover, tackling simple stuff first can even make complicated stuff far less complicated.

4. Finding Fun

It’s true that some daily tasks and routine can be very boring. Even your job might be boring. But hating what you do will not ensure success but is a sure path to failure. If it gets all “stressful”, try humming your best tunes or even linking your favorite childhood characters to

your present work. This would inject liveliness into whatever you are doing and would definitely ensure you do it to the best of your ability.

5. Be Creative

Yes, admiring other people’s work can be exciting, but too much of this can only make you see yourself as a loser. Definitely not a good feeling for one who wants to be successful. How about trying to think up something that other “losers” would admire. Note that your first attempt at creativity might not work out, however, keep trying and you might hit the right keys in time.

6. Removing Negativity

The last tip would not work if you are feeling all negative about yourself or your work. Immediately this starts happening, probably due to your nature or past failures, you will begin to stray from the right path. Be positive always. This does not suggest being unrealistic, but when you write off something you have not even started, it becomes a problem.

7. Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

You ever wonder why rich people only hang out with other rich people, or how your rich best friend does not return your calls as frequently as before? That is because the class barrier still exists. If your close friends are not those with similar ambitions as you, then they should not be your friends because the only thing they will offer you apart from fun, is holding you back.

8. Staying Healthy

Now, you cannot achieve the aforementioned tips if you are hospitalized or even worse, dead, can you? Then it is important to stay healthy always. Go for medical checkups regularly, eat good food and avoid everything that is dangerous to both your body and mind. Success without good health is not a success, as you might even end up losing everything in a bid to get healthy again.

Remember, staying healthy is key to staying successful.

Conclusively, these tips can go a long way in ensuring that you live a successful life that will benefit not only you as a person but others around you. Success is not for a few people, it’s for everybody. Stay Woke!

Image by: Juan Pablo Arenas

46 thoughts on “Should You Succeed? 8 Secrets Of Successful Lifestyle That Everyone Misses”

  1. I agree that being healthy is very important, but even people with severe health problems, like myself, can still get a lot of good advice from your article to help moving forward in a positive way. Great post, I enjoy what you write, keep it up!

  2. Wonderful advice! Thanks for sharing! Sometimes we get so caught up in the obvious, quantifiable things that we miss the subtle pieces that connect them and bring them to life… which in this case, are the things that really matter!!

  3. Great tips.
    I also find a successful life comes from ongoing curiousity to learn. Learn about yourself as well as the world we live in. It expands and broadens our mind and helps us make the right life decisions.

  4. Your eight tips are excellent. Even as a writer now after a long and fulfilling teaching career, I can clean much from this post. My writing has fed my creative appetite. I have always tried to have an outlook on life that reflects a cup half full instead of half empty.

    • Hi bigskybuckeye, thank you very much for kind words! I love what you saying bigskybuckeye, amazing point! Completely agree with you on “a cup half full instead of half empty”.

    • Hi cihangunozkurt, I agree with you! About two years ago, I decided to visit the gym regularly, eat healthier, watch less TV – and put extra time into sleep. I feel much better today than 2 years ago, unbelievable! 🙂

    • Hi Saguren, excellent point. And I personally know it’s not easy since life is not simple. I will pray for you Saguren. And I wish you to have a wonderful, full of fun and joy day!

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