7 Ways Waking Up Early Can Inspire Your Day: Must-Know Tips

A New Way To Think About Early Birds: Why Wake Up Early.

It is never easy waking up early. Sometimes, we get so stressed out, we do not wake up until the sun is fully up. A night out with friends can also get you drunk and wasted enough to knock you out till late afternoon. Restless nights occur also, and you might end up not being able to get some sleep until daybreak. Yes, and some of us are just plain lazy.

It goes on and on, something always comes up to ensure waking up late. However, here are some key facts that will give you a change of heart. Waking up early can:

Boost Productivity

Being productive can sometimes require a high level of concentration, one that being tired would not offer you. You do not necessarily need to wake early to have a productive day, but waking early would certainly ensure you have more time in the day to do important stuff. You might even get to complete your daily tasks sooner than possible and squeeze some extra work in.

That way, you can fit in more into your schedule just from having a head start to the day. That’s a “see you never” to being too busy!

Improve Planning

Making your daily plans can get a little tedious and confusing sometimes. At times, you just can’t fit everything you have to do into the few hours the day has to offer. Waking early offers a good solution to this. Starting the day early gives you more daytime, probably enough to create more space for tight schedules.

Moreover, waking early at a fixed time ensures you know the exact amount of daytime you have. This makes it easier to plan according to the time you have. Say, ‘No’ to late meetings and undone work at the end of the day. Wake early to achieve this.

Ensure a Healthier Lifestyle

Sometimes you feel weak and tired just a few hours into the day. Or you have had to pay your doctor visits more frequently than before. Ask yourself this; have I been getting enough sleep? The problem probably stems from there. Waking early ensures you have more time to do stuff that will keep you healthy. First, you would have time for an early breakfast which is the most important meal in a day. You might also have enough time for an early morning jog and might be able to fit in some workout to ensure that you are fit for the day’s work. Remember, a healthy body ensures a healthy mind.

Gain you Good Habits

Waking early is a very good habit and might just be the first step you need to take to inculcate other nice habits. You can end up being neater since you have more time for chores and taking care of your body. You can also get much more organized since you do not have to rush to work from waking late. Habits like these are products of waking early and can ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. Start your day early, you’d be surprised!

Let You Sleep Better

By waking up early, you tend to finish your day’s work as quickly as possible, thereby leaving more time for relaxation and sometimes, more night hours. This way, you get to sleep better at night and would wake up very refreshed.

It should be noted that without ending your day early, it’s almost impossible to wake up early the next day. In fact, waking early without a good night’s rest can mess up your day.

It’s simple logic; Sleep early, Wake up Early. This way, getting enough rest at night would be guaranteed.

Ensure Mental Fitness

Being mentally fit at the start of the day improves problem-solving skills and the likes. Waking up early can ensure your mental fitness. Your brain gets to rest more at night, making it fresh enough for the next day as opposed to stressing it out by working late and then giving it barely enough relaxation time before the next day.

Keeping your body healthy, which can be done by waking early as mentioned above, is also key to a healthy mind. Stay healthy!

Give More Energy

You recuperate faster by hitting the bed early, and you can only sleep early if you wake up early. If this is done, you tend to have more energy for the day’s job than the average late riser who has to rush to work at the start of the day.

Your stress level also gets to be reduced drastically as you don’t have to rush through your schedule thereby ensuring that you save energy during the course of the day.

Also, if you can manage to wake early, getting a workout in would prove helpful in giving you much-needed energy for your day, because fitness would not be an issue.

With more energy, you can even breeze through your day without requiring a nap!

In conclusion, waking up early is definitely more helpful, and it would be nice to beat your 7:00 am alarm once in a while. It helps you have a healthy mind, body and stress-free day. What more do you need to get inspired each day for a life of success!

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59 thoughts on “7 Ways Waking Up Early Can Inspire Your Day: Must-Know Tips”

  1. Since I retired, I no longer have any use for an alarm clock. But I am still wide awake by 7 am most days. 🙂
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Hi Rocco, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and personal experience, I do really appreciate it! I completely agree with you! Have a wonderful day ?

  2. It too me a while to get my body used to waking up early, but I was determined and you are right, best habit to form. Everything changes, mentally and physically. Great read. agree with you!

    • Hi bigskybuckeye, thank you very much for sharing your life-experience! Same here, I feel like I can finish more work in hours 7AM -10AM more than in the whole day… 🙂

  3. That is a great post and I agree with you totally! I found years ago that getting to bed early and waking early was the best way to go. Like you said, I am much more refreshed and energized for the day and much better equipped to get things accomplished in the best way possible. My normal schedule is bed by 10 and up at 6, though in summer I am usually up by 5. Sometimes now, due to health, I don’t quite make it every day however, but it’s much better when I do! Enjoyed your tips and they really do work.

    • Hi Steve, thank you very much for kind words. I honestly hope you feel better very soon. I did, and do pray for your health everyday. I absolutely agree with you, here is a secret ingredient – going to bed a bit earlier. If I go to bed at 10 PM I feel amazing at 6 AM, but if I go at 12 AM – 1 AM, I will wake up around 8 AM – almost 100% 🙂 Thank you for your bright thoughts and advice, Steve. Blessings!

  4. Love this post have a question if your a stay at home mom and your kids now are adults and you have so much more time now so you find yourself staying up very late and then find yourself sleeping in late which honestly is a horrible feeling .. how would you change such a cycle?

    • Hi windsofchange18, thank you for your comment! Wonderful question, I hope I can answer that 🙂
      Well, I think, it’s beneficial to wake up early at “certain momentum of your life”, but not always..
      When I go on Vacation with my family I stay up to 2AM – 3AM sometimes(some days), I want to enjoy every single second of it(Day time, midnight, early morning 2AM – 3AM).
      But, I also know, personally for me, I have a to have the right “rhythm”, this is essential, then I can function better(go to bed at 10PM, wake up at 6AM), I can be a superman! If I keep this “momentum” I can give 120% through the day to work, family, exercise. I’ve noticed I never get sick and overall – I’m very happy! Another thing is, “early” is very relative, right? For some people 7AM is early for others it’s 8 – 9AM. Thank you and blessings!

      • Thank you yes it defiantly is a certain momentum . I just wrote a post on balancing everything I now can enjoy more again since my kids do not need me . And I’m finding after I doing still what needs to be done no matter little kids or not I’m fighting time to still do what I enjoy and after reading your post I believe my sleeping in late actually is not that beneficial (hahaha) so I’m going to try to get up earlier.?

  5. Hah, I’m often given grief over my early morning habits! Depending on where I am working on any given day I will be up between 3:00 and 4:00 AM (sometimes I need that hour of drive time). I spend the first hour on breakfast and coffee while reading my beloved newspaper with the household understanding that this is my “personal time”. I would add to the list that this personal time helps me gain a good emotional center for whatever tasks await me on any particular day. While incredibly rare, I have found that on days I wake up late I am in a horrible emotional state.

    • Hi conversationalonion, thank you very much for sharing this wonderful advice! I personally agree with you very much, having “personal time” is essential!

    • Hi Christina, thank you for sharing your experience. I like to wake up early(I’m honestly more proactive at finishing tasks and work), but, again just like you sad.. if I work till 1 AM or 2 AM(sometimes I have to), there is no way I will be happy at 6AM – if I need to wake up and go to work 🙂

  6. I love waking up early. But I know there are some people, like my sister, that are better later in the day. I think we have to find the rhythm that works for us and schedule consciously and intentionally.

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