Make The Most Out Of Your Day: 7 Tips You Should Take To Ensure You Can Fall A Sleep Quickly

Fall A Sleep Quickly Today – Stay Proactive Tomorrow

Sleep is an important aspect of human life. Good health is largely dependent on the quality of sleep. The consistency and number of hours you spend in sleep determine how you run your activities during the day. Concentration levels and moods are also dependent on the quality of sleep.

If you are experiencing problems falling to sleep, you are not alone. Most people across the world are struggling with going to sleep for various causes. It might be the type of food or activities you engage in during the day. It might be stress or anxiety; a human mind is a powerful tool with regards to sleep. If your mind is not at peace, you cannot easily fall to sleep.

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” ? Mahatma Gandhi

Sleep is also controlled by hormones; various factors affect hormonal levels hence the ability to fall asleep.

The good news is there is a solution to your sleep problems. Here are some tips on how to get to sleep quickly;

Adjust The Temperature In The Room

Most people fall asleep in relatively low temperatures. During sleep, temperatures of the feet and hands tend to increase as other parts of the body increase. The body has to balance temperatures for the mind to be at rest hence drawing you to sleep. Sleep only comes when the mind is at rest; every time the body temperature is extreme either on the lower or upper side, your body will not fall asleep. It is therefore important to find a suitable body temperature that works for you and adjust the room before going to bed.

Set A Schedule

The human body functions well if it is treated the same way every day. You should strive to go to bed at the same time every day. Changing sleeping patterns affects hormonal functions hence affecting the ability to fall asleep quickly. It is important to find a suitable time that runs through the whole week. Set a specific time and make sure everything else is left aside for bedtime.

Switch Off The Lights

A dark environment can help you fall to sleep quickly. Depending on the time zone and changes in seasons, set your bedroom to be dark enough to help you fall to sleep. The human body is sensitive to light; any amount of light penetrating the light can affect sleep cycles. Find dark curtains and cover your room; even if this is only for the night, be sure you are in a dark room if you are to fall asleep quickly.

Avoid Naps In The Day

It is often tempting to take quick naps, especially after lunch. If you are fond of taking heavy lunch, you should check on your diet and try to change. Sleeping during the day affects sleeping patterns and cycles during the night. Naps during the day are healthy, no doubt; however, they have an effect of sleep during the night. The only reason you might be taking longer to fall asleep during the night is because of naps in the day.

Avoid Caffeine After 3 PM

Coffee is a trendy drink and most people are addicted to it. While caffeine has its health benefits with respect to energy levels and concentration, taking coffee or any form of drink that contains significant caffeine levels can affect your ability to get to sleep. Caffeine triggers activity hormones in the body thus inhibiting sleep hormones. Going to sleep has to be a slow and natural process that cannot happen with high caffeine levels in the body.

Also, if you have to eat high carbs at dinner, it should be several hours before your bedtime. Carbs take long to be digested and can keep you awake for a longer time. Preferably, take foods low in carbs as well as low in fat to improve the time you go to sleep. If it is a must you take foods high in fat and carbs, make sure it is at least 4 hours to bedtime. This will help you avoid struggling in bed with sleep.

Turn Off Gadgets

Most people use phones and other LED screens before they go to bed. If you are fond of chatting or using your phone while in bed, you are sealing your own fate. The LED light from screens interferes with sleep hormone. The body reacts to blue light; It triggers certain hormones in the body that increase energy levels, which slows down the sleep cycles. Avoid any kind of LED screens as well as electronics when going to bed. Vibration form electronics may also have an impact on sleep. The radiations obviously interfere with the functioning of the body.


This might sound stupid but it works. In fact, it is the simplest way to fall asleep; whenever you go to bed, get a novel or newspaper; anything that can keep your mind involved for several minutes. The fact that the brain is struggling to keep up with a storyline or understanding concepts, it will get tired. Also, reading influences eye movement; keeping your eyes glued in a book, paragraph after paragraph will help you fall to sleep easily.

Don’t let your daily activities affect the quality of sleep, try these techniques for a quick sleep.

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22 thoughts on “Make The Most Out Of Your Day: 7 Tips You Should Take To Ensure You Can Fall A Sleep Quickly”

  1. Your points are very true indeed. I cut out coffee after noon since it always had an effect on my sleep. Unfortunately health problems often interfere with a good nights sleep so anything that will help is good! One thing I need to change though is screen time before bed, reading a book is truly far better.
    Thanks for great thoughts!

    • Hi Steve, sorry I had no chance to reply earlier.. Hope you feel better Steve, spring is coming and excited to see more wonderful photos of nature on your blog! I personally love reading, before I go to bed, it helps to fall asleep quicker. Blessings Steve! Do you guys have any snow?

      • Hi, thanks so much for your encouragement! Unless we get an early spring we still have about 2 months to go. We just got 15 inches of snow and we already had 18 inches of snow on the ground! ? We usually get our biggest snowfalls in February so there will likely be more yet. Sigh. On the plus side I have been able to get photos of birds that are only here in the winter, so I am very happy about that!?. I am presently working on my new section, God’s wonderful creation. I was hoping to have it ready by now but I hurt my back again shoveling snow so have had to be in bed a lot. I will be adding to it each week as well. I hope your day is going well!

        • Hi Steve and thank you for your message! I’m excited to view “God’s wonderful creation” section on your blog! Sorry to hear that you hurt your back, I will pray for your healing and health overall(I keep praying for your Steve!). We have another winter storm covering the majority of the United States. A lot of snow, thousands of canceled flights. Yes, it’s beautiful outside, but.. sometimes I wish we would have a Spring tomorrow 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday, Steve!

          • Good morning! Thanks for praying for me it is a wonderful encouragement! I should have my ‘God’s wonderful creation’ section ready to start in a couple of days. I will be starting with some birds, then on to other things. Will let you know as soon as I get it posted. Looking at God’s creation always gets me excited! Thanks again!

          • Hi Steve, absolutely. Always happy to pray! Yes, please let me know when you have photos, and section God’s creation on your web site, I will be happy to look at it 🙂

  2. I always read before bed, and it definitely helps me sleep better. The temperature in my room is the coolest than in the rest of the house so I tend to stay in my bed under the blankets after I wake up….

  3. if i still cant sleep by doing all this i just get up and do something what i forgot buy day or writing a new post, trying to get some benefit from staying a wake, i’m drinking to much coffee by day.. as you wrote no coffee after3pm my last cup comes around6pm??

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