The Critical Role That Running Plays In Our Life: 6 Ways How Running Can Make Your Day Better

Running: Stay Fit And Healthy

Exercise helps the human body to keep fit, little wonder our sportsmen and women live healthier and better looking even at their old age. A lifestyle cherished by all. It is also suggested by researchers that exercise is the best preventive drug known to man.

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life because you get out of it what you put into it.” Oprah Winfrey

Medical practitioners have over the years emphasis on the importance of body exercise, its benefits are enormous. It is said to strengthen the heart, brain, bones and blood vessels. However, there are different forms of exercise, each with a specific role it plays in the body. Examples include swimming, running, dancing and others. It is without a doubt, that running improves the body even more. Running in form of jogging can make your day better. In this article, I will present to you six ways running can make your day better, have a read.

Running Improves Your Mental Alertness

Research has shown that aerobic exercise can improve one’s ability to cope with stress by producing serotonin and norepinephrine, a form of neurotransmitter which causes the brain to generate more neurons and triggers creative thinking. This is true because running makes the brain cells active, blood flows are increased, this allows for newly oxygenated blood to flow into the brain.

Studies have shown that fitter adults had better mental fitness compared to others who were not fit. Regular exercise was also observed to improve memory, thinking and language in patients diagnosed with a stroke. Their overall brain function at the conclusion of the studies showed a significant improvement.

Running Helps The Body To Burn Calories

In our present world where having excessive body fat is old fashion. Everyone wants to have an elegant and perfectly slim body. Having excess body fat also have medical consequences, as it is a breeding ground for diabetes, rheumatism, heart attack, and other related diseases. Running helps you keep fit, and burns body fats – calories faster than any form of exercise. Some research has shown that for every mile you cover, you burn roughly 100 calories. Let’s do the maths, if you run a mile every day for the next seven days, you would have burn 700 calories off your body. This is indeed the best ways to burn body fat.

Running Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Apparently, no sane person would want to get down or diagnosed with cancer. The fear of its name been mentioned is equally as tormenting as the disease itself. Humans are more prone to cancer now than it was some years back, this is due to the increased amount of packaged food consumed on a regular basis, and other forms of human activities.

Running may not be able to cure cancer, but it certainly reduced the risk of coming down with it. It has been proven without a doubt, by researchers, that running helps to lower the risk of having certain types of cancer. It further proves that running also improves the quality of life of people who already have cancer.

Running Prolong Your Life

With the way, athletes – especially runners live beyond life expectancy proves to show that indeed running is beneficial to the body. One thing which I mostly cherish even is the way they grow into old age. At 80, you can not help but notice how strong, and active runners still live. Running is indeed an ‘elixir of immortality’. Starting to run may seem like a task, but with continued practice, it becomes a hobby you can’t leave without.

Running Makes You Happier

It takes fewer nerves to smile than it takes to frown. Smiling also, they said, makes you look younger. For those who take the time to work out regularly, would have discovered that there is always a mood swing from being sad to being happy and alive after an exercise. Medically, doctors recommend their patients to engage in regular exercise, which makes them shift their focus away from their medical conditions, and make them happy.

Taking time out to run releases the stress off the nerves in the body, keeping it more relaxed. A study in the Journal of Adolescent Health in 2012, proved that, with just 30 minutes of running weekly, for three weeks improved mood, quality of sleep, and concentration.

Running Can Improve Cardiovascular Health

It is without saying that aerobic exercise is good for the heart. It is also true that running improves cardiovascular fitness. With as little as a five minutes run daily, you could add years to your life, according to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

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  1. I love running. But I have not done as much of it lately now that I’m more devoted to yoga. I’m signed up for a half marathon in June now, so I need to ramp up my training by March… it definitely helps with mental alertness and also my a.d.d. symptoms! Love it!

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