6 Tools To Help You Become A Better And More Successful Achiever In Life And Business. Dream Big, Always.

You Are One Step Away From Your Dreams

I know you are already finding an excuse. It might be justified; of course, you need to pay bills and take care of other essential aspects of life. However, there is more to life than work, money, and sleep. It might be your definition of happiness but if you always think there is fulfillment in another career or activity, then you need to make the move now.

Take time to evaluate your abilities and the true meaning of happiness. Check on your motives and inspiration. Is what you are doing fulfilling? Happiness is something much more than the money and fame from your success in a career. Obviously, these have a role in life but dreams have a sense of fulfillment; you enjoy what you do irrespective of the environment or pay.

Here is why you should make the first step today and work towards your dreams:

Keep Going

Life can often get discouraging. All forces of nature and people around you may not make sense of what you are doing, everything might seem to be against you and senseless; however, if you are convinced in following the dream, you will have a sense of living. There is more sense to life if you are doing something you love and convinced will give you happiness, in fact, the very practice of pursuing your dream is happiness. It helps you understand that happiness is not a destination; it is a way of life; in this case, working towards your dreams.

Conviction and pursuing dreams will ensure you wake up every early morning to work hard. Life is meaningless without dreams.


If you are convinced and working towards achieving your dreams, you will attract and meet people of similar interests. They will either come to you or you will meet them in different stages of your goals. Law of attraction applies naturally. The fact that you are convinced and concerned about your goals, people of similar interests and values will be revolving around you.

Of course, it will get tough in some stages of your dreams. At such times, you need people of similar interests to encourage you. If your friends have gone through the same challenges or understand your struggles, you will be motivated to continue pushing on. Of course, in the journey, you will meet high achievers and mentors that will guide you through the obstacles.


Ultimate happiness in life comes from within. You might be the highest earner in your social circle or leading a top company but may not be an indicator of happiness. Happiness is as simple as doing what you like. Dreams and passion can be used interchangeably; in both cases, you have to be convinced.

Sometimes, you may have to make hard decisions that will seem insensitive because it might cause you financial losses and social life. However, if you are objective and convinced of your goals, you will work tirelessly around the obstacles and discouragements to make the losses count. Happiness is not about the money but inner fulfillment.


There is satisfaction in pursuing what you like and in most cases what you are good at. Consistency and discipline in pursuing dreams guarantee success. No matter how long it takes, success in pursuing individual dreams has a sense of pride. Typically, you will have to forego luxuries and opinions of people around you. It might be scary at first but you should not give up. This is what you will be celebrating at the end of a given period when you have grown. No matter how small success is, you should celebrate. In fact, there is no small success that is not worth celebrating.

No Regrets

If you bow down to the fears and society expectations, you will have to deal with the regrets later. A dream is an inner conviction meaning you will not forget or change it all through your life. Irrespective of what you do in life, it will always stick in your mind and heart. There will always be a thirst in you to pursue a certain line of work. Daring and choosing to pursue the dream guarantees you pride and fulfillment in life. Most people who fail to pursue dreams end up regretting when they meet successful people in the same profession or different fields of life that chose to pursue their lives.


You are lucky if you know your passion. Today, most people are struggling with finding what they are good at in life. Passion is a paradox to many people. If you know it, do not let anything deter you from it.

Dreams give you a sense of direction. There is motivation in pursuing your dreams no matter how small the dream might be to some people. Also, do not be afraid to dream big; there is no dream too big to achieve. It all depends on your attitudes and effort. All you need to achieve dreams in life is positive attitude and consistency; you have to be convinced that you can do it before you make the first step otherwise you will be wasting time. Sometimes, all you might have is faith but you need to move with that to achieve your dreams.

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  1. Thank you, for the encouraging article! It is definitely true that for some of us, knowing what our passions are can be difficult to pin down. I’m working on this myself, and am looking forward to checking out the reading list you have suggested. Great work!

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