6 Crucial Tactics From Donald Trump

Incredible Things To Learn From Mr. President

I know he is a controversial figure and he has been criticized by many over the years; but Donald Trump is a one-of-a-kind leader, and despite your feelings towards him, we still have a lot to learn from Mr. Trump.

The United States has never seen a president like him before, and a lot of people thought he would never make it into the White House, but he proved them all wrong. I believe Trump’s attitude towards life must be analyzed.

For today’s article, I’m going to ask you to put your emotions aside and read with attention because I’m bringing you the teachings of a man who wasn’t born a winner, but he made his way to the top with cleverness, hard work, and perseverance.

1. Never Stop Being Authentic

We all remember Trump in The Apprentice; he portrayed himself as a determined, ambitious, confident, and strong man.; Back then, nobody seemed to think those were bad features for a businessman. After all, he was taking care of his money and his legacy.

But when he announced his run for the presidency, everybody suddenly started to think that having a man who’s so passionate for what he has built from scratch and so aggressively protects was wrong.

He didn’t change when he started his campaign, he never showed himself as something he wasn’t, never stopped being authentic to gain people’s sympathy.

He stood in front of the cameras, in front of a whole country and strong adversaries, he presented himself as the honest, transparent, tenacious, and unique man he has always been.

What we should learn from this example is never giving up on who we truly are, because great things are right there around the corner, and the only way to get there is being authentic.

2. Make Others Shine

Trump is often seen as a selfish and narrow-minded man, I believe this is somewhat exaggerated, but I also understand that his approach towards business may be perceived as aggressive.

But that’s just the way businesses are. Nevertheless, when we saw him in The Apprentice, and if you have had the chance to read his books, you would understand that he is not selfish at all.

Instead, he is very demanding because mediocrity is not a word that’s part of his life. In his years as a businessman and president, he has learned how much he has to ask from others in order to make them better; therefore, his companies, and now the country in his charge, become unstoppable.

And that ability to step aside is a feature shared by many great world leaders.

3. Stand For What You Believe

You know what’s hard? Being pointed at by the whole world for what you believe in.

When Trump started his campaign many world leaders, journalists, politicians, and civilians mocked him, tried to embarrass him, called him a madman, and even started to mess with his family.

These things would have cracked anyone without enough self-confidence, and despite the storm, Trump managed to stand for his beliefs.

Are they controversial? Absolutely, because we are conditioned to expect certain opinions and prudery from presidential candidates. However, Trump’s beliefs are the same beliefs that millions of Americans have, and he was brave enough to stand in front of the media to defend them.

From him, we could learn to trust ourselves and defend those things we believe in, no matter how badly others attack us.

4. Do Not Settle

This is one of the most important things I learned from Trump’s speeches and books.

Yes, he may seem terrifying to face, he may seem tough, reckless, and rude. But the truth is, he does not like mediocrity.

He has spent his whole life studying, learning, practicing, daring to try new things and pushing his own limits, but not, as everyone says, to be more powerful…

Trump dares to go beyond because he wants his businesses to be top rated. Because he wants to have the best employees in the market, to offer the best products he can deliver, and that is exactly the way he wants to run America.

How do we apply this to our lives? Do not settle. Know the value of your work, your potential. Do not settle for that unchallenging job, for a company that doesn’t care about you, do not hold on to friendships because you are used to them.

If you are not good enough at something that you care about, learn how to do it better.

5. Pursue The Life You Deserve

Trump works 7 days a week because that’s what he wants to do.

With all the money he has earned through the years, thinking that a businessman works every day because he has to is foolish. He could easily designate someone trustworthy to do what he does and rest half the week.

But he chose to be in charge of everything because that’s exactly what he likes. And that is the life he thinks he deserves, so he worked hard to get it.

For many of us, achieving the life we want may seem distant, and we can get exhausted while chasing it. But if there’s something we can learn from Trump, it is to be persistent.

Things are not coming to our door for free; we have to work for them, and the house, the car, the family, the job, and those dream vacations will come our way if we truly believe we deserve them and actually do something to get them.

6. Do Not Believe Everything You Read

I’d like to finish this blog with one important teaching; these days we live in an era where everyone has a Twitter profile and can start rumors about anything.

Fake news is a daily issue, sometimes we share a publication because the title is flamboyant, we let our emotions bloom and share it without even reading the whole thing.

Donald Trump has fought a gigantic flow of fake news against him even before the presidential race started, and even today he still faces false accusations against him, his family and his coworkers.

What we have to learn from this is that not everything you read on the internet is real. Many tweets, Facebook posts, and news are made to make you feel enraged to get you to share them without checking if it’s true.

My personal recommendation is that if you stumble upon an alarming news headline, read the entire article. Use your own intellect to determine if it is a real thing or if it’s somehow fishy; and if you are not convinced about it, Google for some more information.

Did you notice that you are reading the article from a strange page? If you do not recognize the media that’s sharing it, always search for more information, because you could be part of the mass media effect without even knowing it.

I hope that, despite your feelings and opinions towards Donald Trump, you take these six things that I learned from him and improve your life in a short time.

If you do not agree, read it again, and take a few days to think about it. It is only for your personal growth, beyond the political beliefs you may have.

5 Excellent Books To Read

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3. Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again
4. Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life
5. Trump: Surviving at the Top

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