How Pets Also Helps You To Be Happier And Healthier: 5 Ways Pet Can Make Your Daily Life Better

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Dog owners are probably the happiest and healthy people. Dogs boost moods. In fact, most people with dogs consider them a therapy; they run to the pets whenever they feel stressed or need to vent out. Dogs are faithful, the most faithful pets. Whether you are adopting a senior pet or growing with it from a puppy, you will feel the loyalty of this small friend. Dogs can make you relax and improve brain activity. There are countless benefits that a dog benefits people.

“Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful, and the economy is unfortunate. What’s one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? A dog or a cat-loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully.”  Jon Katz

Dog owners associate their pets to unconditional love. The fact that the dog loves and acts loyal every time irrespective of your failures is satisfactory. When compared to human friends, dogs are incomparable. A dog will behave in the same way every day of the week and throughout the year unless it is sick or it reacting to something. Of course, if you have spent significant time with your pet, you will notice the difference and address it appropriately. There are numerous pets that can offer you company but a dog ranks top on the list because of loyalty and unconditional love.

Here are some ways that dogs can improve your daily life.

Alleviate Stress

Stress is a common concern in the world today. Whether you are a teenager, a parent, or a grandparent, you are prone to stressors in life. It can be about social life, academics, or religion. The daily life in the 21st century is characterized by the pressure that easily stresses people. Failure to manage stress can lead to depression and even death. While talking it out to someone that can offer guidance or a solution is effective, dogs are said to be more effective relieving stress. The fact that you do not feel judged or vulnerable by spending time with a dog, stress levels tend to subside.

Improve Social Life

Dogs are conversation starters. Even if you have just moved to a new neighborhood and no one seems approachable, an evening stroll with your dog can attract lots of friends. Dogs are always adorable; as long as you strive to keep yours clean and dress it appropriately, you will get friends. Passersby may not say much but at least a greeting or a smile to recognize your presence, if you are out to socialize, this will be a green light to start a conversation. You won’t miss people ready to play with your dog in a park; there is probably someone else in your situation and you will meet at the park. There is a lot to talk about dogs thus developing friendships.

Physical Health

A dog helps you to exercise; every time you are out playing with your dog is a time to move the muscles. Also, the fact that your mind is at peace the physical health will reciprocate. Stress is one of the causes of major body complications. The brain controls nervous systems and other integral body functions; normal functioning of the brain guarantees proper physical health. Dogs help elderly with minor tasks that involve picking and dropping items in the house. Arthritis patients heal quickly because dogs take care of the house chores thus providing ample time for healing of joints and bones.

Mental Health

Dogs help you achieve peace levels in a stressful environment. Some people are less concerned about changes in society. The fact that your emotions are regulated and can be expressed without fear of judgment helps in healing. Besides stress and depression, the stability of the mind is crucial. Dogs help in keeping people sober.


Dogs can be described as too loyal. There is no time your dog will retract or differ with a decision. Of course, dogs are intuitive and behave in a specific way depending on the environment. This means they know when the owner needs support and encouragement. Dogs have a way of communicating that will amaze you in the lowest times. If you are struggling studies before an exam or working on a project overnight, a dog will strive to be awake or at least sleep next to you to show support. Dogs are smart; they know when to ask for attention and when to leave you to relax. Living with a dog is the best thing for any human being both on mental and physical health perspective.

To most people, support and encouragement are all they need to achieve certain dreams and goals. While you are friends, the dog understands you are the master hence confidence in your moves and decisions. If you have bonded with the dog, you will understand its non-verbal cues of when it is discontent with your decisions or actions. You can always agree with a dog. You should know that a dog is more sensitive. Never ignore its discomfort or weird behavior. It might be a danger or the wrong move you are making. Besides the physical and mental health benefits, a dog can help you make proper decisions that will lead to success or fewer risks in life.

Dogs have a huge impact on the daily life of human beings. Most people like puppies to bond with them as they grow but you can also adopt a senior pet and enjoy the benefits.

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31 thoughts on “How Pets Also Helps You To Be Happier And Healthier: 5 Ways Pet Can Make Your Daily Life Better”

  1. You are so right, animals are great friends, helpers, always there no matter what happens and they don’t mind if you fail or have health problems. I can’t own a dog for health reasons and my landlord likely wouldn’t go for it anyway, so I have a cat, Muffin, a rescued kitty that I adopted 5 years ago and having her curled up on my lap purring is an amazing stress reliever. Of course I also have my outdoor animal friends that are also amazing for stress relief. Great post once again, I always enjoy them, thanks so much!

    • Hi Steve, thank you very much for kind words! Glad you like the article 🙂 Yes, pets are “wonderful and true” friends, I completely agree with you. Pets would support as much as they can, and would never say “No”. Hope you feel good Steve!

      • Good evening! I know Muffin always seems to sense when I am having a particularly hard day, being discouraged and she shows extra attention. One day which was very bad for me I was outside feeding the chipmunks that come around and one, I named Skamper, came up on my lap as usual to get his peanuts but he stopped, looked up at me, then ran up my arm onto my shoulder and reached over to touch my cheek with his nose. Then he ran down, got his peanuts and left. He had never done that before, but even wild animals can sense when things are wrong. Oddly, a lot of people don’t believe that, but there it is! And it certainly lifted my spirits right away. Personally I believe God’s hand was in that. Thanks for listening, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

        • Good evening Steve!
          Wow, that’s so wonderful that you live in such a great area with lots of amazing and cute friends around! I live in the city we do have animals here and there, but.. there are so many cars and the streets are so busy every day and night. 🙂 Wish you all the best Steve!

  2. I adopted my Bear for several reasons but part of it was that I was tired of coming home to an empty apartment. He is the best and the sweetest dog. A great stress reliever and a good running buddy. He is also super spoiled.

  3. I love animals so much. A few years ago my cat Phyllis died and I got a hamster named Humphrey. He died last summer, and so in a few weeks I’m getting 2 new hamsters. I’m hooked on hamsters now.

    • Hi Christina, wow, it’s wonderful! Animals – are really good friends. And I’m really sorry to hear about Phyllis and Humphrey…

  4. Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

    Anatole France

    Every entry you make is full of emotions and interesting. Thank you!!!

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