4 Tips For Overcoming Obstacles To Lack Of Desire And Passion In Life

These 4 Powerful Tips Will Help You Overcome Obstacles

Most people have probably heard the phrase, life isn’t fair. Well, that’s true even if some people don’t want to think so. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to overcome obstacles in your life and find out how to get your desire and passion back in force!

Life’s obstacles can mean different things to different people. Some of us lose our minds if our Wi-Fi stops working for five minutes, while others seem to just sail through things like losing their job or having major surgery. What makes people so different where some have so much resilience and others just give up?

The fact of it is that obstacles may seem like a punishment, but they can actually be something that spurs us into taking needed action in our lives. For instance, if we have a dead-end job that bores us to death and really isn’t even paying the bills and suddenly get laid off, that forces us to meet that challenge and look for a new and better job because if we don’t, we won’t be able to pay our bills.

Suffering in life can actually be the first step to coming to the reality of the situation because in truth nothing worthwhile in our lives comes without a challenge. We shouldn’t give up if we fail once or even three times or more, just pick yourself up and try again. Think about Albert Einstein, he flunked in school and his instructors said he was not very talented, yet today he is famous for producing the theory of relativity. The moral of that is to keep on trying and it could lead to great things and don’t listen to what others say about you if it’s negative.

Helen Keller

Look at Helen Keller. She was both blind and deaf, yet she overcame that and earned a college degree, campaigned for disability and women’s suffrage, and had a very strong personality. Yet there are perfectly able people in the world who give up after much smaller problems in their lives.

Think of it this way, if you fail something 10 times, it is really not failing! Instead, it is eliminating 10 things that don’t work so you can get to the thing that does work. Here are some tips for overcoming life’s obstacles and challenges:

1. Get Far Away From Any Drama

If you are facing some sort of challenge or obstacle, your emotions are probably on overload and there’s bound to be a lot of drama in the situation. Try to step away from that drama and take a deep breath, then reevaluate the situation. Chances are you will be able to face whatever the situation is if you just give yourself a chance to calm down or if you get away from anyone else who is trying to make things worse.

2. Look For Whatever Resources You Need

Frequently you might find yourself in a challenging situation where you don’t have the needed money, plan or knowledge to conquer an obstacle. The way to handle this kind of challenge is to look for whatever the needed resources are so you can handle the situation. For instance, let’s go back to the scenario of someone losing their job and needing to get a new job. Instead of freaking out and running around feeling sorry for yourself, it’s time to evaluate the situation and decide what resources you have or can get to help you find a new job.


For instance, you can network with your friends to find out who might be hiring, read the help wanted ads, drive around looking for help wanted signs, etc. Then you can start putting in applications and your resume and reading up on how to pass an interview, etc. In other words, take charge and things will look better in no time.

3. Gain A Better Perspective

It can be very overwhelming when you have to face some sort of challenge or obstacle in your life If you choose to be caught up in the whole thing and just think woe is me, then you aren’t going to get anywhere trying to solve whatever it is going wrong. But if you instead try to gain a better perspective you will likely find it easier to look at things from a different vantage point.

This could mean talking to a trusted friend, seeing a counselor to talk things out, etc. Many times just talking things out helps you to feel better and determine your best course of action to solving the obstacle. Expert help like a counselor, for instance, can mean the difference from finding that solution or wallowing in your self-doubt and fear, which never got anyone past life’s obstacles.

4. Cultivate Having A Growth Mindset

Cultivating a growth mindset means building a foundation in your life where you are always striving to improve yourself and your situation. Whether that means taking courses at the local college, reading a new book every month, losing that extra 10 pounds, or something else. You are doing things for yourself that make you feel good and make some sort of improvement in your life you can be happy about. And once you find a few things to feel happy about you will realize it’s easier to also find ways to meet challenges no matter what they may be.

All in all, we all will face some sort of obstacle or challenge in our lives since no one’s life is perfect even if it looks that way on their Facebook status. We just need to learn how to step back, take a deep breath and find a way around, over or even straight through a problem. Hang tuff! I know you can do it and learn that life is what we make of it and it can be beautiful if we have the right mindset.

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  1. You have some great advice here Savvy! I’m going through a problem right now that has me knocked right down and not knowing what to do. I’ve never been in such a position before and have come close to shutting down my blog, etc. Amazing how fast things can change sometimes.

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